Thursday, May 27, 2010

Driving Myself Crazy

Exactly what good does it do me to have a day off when all I do is hang around the house and stress? All things considered, I may as well have been sitting at work in the air-conditioning rather than sitting at home without air-conditioning whilst biting my non-existent fingernails.  Unfortunately that's pretty much what I did all day yesterday, though, as I can be one of the worst obsessive-compulsive worriers when I let myself and the whole thing I mentioned yesterday with Amtrak had me on edge big-time.

I waffled back and forth between waiting to see how much higher Amtrak prices went to debating on driving down (brief moment of insanity there!) to checking just about every airline price out there to worrying about Amtrak again.  Honestly, it was getting to be a bit ridiculous so I finally decided that I needed to make a decision and stop being indecisive! 

I was driving myself totally crazy so I shut off the computer, grabbed some blueberry-rhubarb pie that I made the other day, retreated to the love-seat in the living room, and hunkered down to watch Tuesday night's episode of Glee that was on the DVR.  Sometimes a little mindless TV is just what I need to disconnect from the other stressors in my life and get my mind out of that continuous loop of anxiety; luckily that seemed to do the trick yesterday. Thankfully Rachel's problems are so much bigger than mine!

Even though I really wanted to take the train with Jamie as I thought it would be a bit more of an adventure, I finally decided that there were other things that I wanted to do while in Florida and it didn't make sense to spend all of my money on a train ticket when I could get a flight on Southwest cheaper.  Add on the fact that it will give me extra time to do some of those other things I want do while in Florida and that finally seemed to seal the deal in my mind. 

I'm just going to have to save the train trip for another time and I've already got a pretty good idea where that train trip will be to.  Due to the fact that I'll be flying down now I won't be able to fit in the stop-over dinner with Mimi that I was hoping for so I'm thinking that a trip down to Bloggingham at a future date might be nice, especially if I can convince Princess Patti of Ansonia in the Valley to accompany me.  Perhaps she would consider a weekend of royal mirth and mayhem at some point in time wherein we could journey south and set loose the prisoners from the dungeon have tea and crumpets with the Queen.  Rumor has it if you buy your tickets about three months in advance on Amtrak, you can get a pretty good price (nice to know now, eh?) so maybe an autumnal sojourn would be nice. Definitely something to consider.

So, I'm still hammering out the final details of things but I've got a pretty good grasp of the what/where/when at this point and think I can relax a bit where the trip details are concerned.  Now if I could just relax about the other thing that's been stressing me out lately ...

Bare spots
See those brown patches?  They weren't there last year and they are driving me totally nuts!  I've put down lime, I've put down grass seed, I've put down Scotts Turfbuilder, and I've been watering the lawn faithfully due to the recent overwhelming heat we've had but so far what I seem to still have are brown patches with no little sprouts of grass to be seen.  My Mom tells me to be patient but I'm afraid patience has never been one of my virtues!  Anyhow, if anyone has any suggestions, I'm certainly open to hearing them; as the duly  appointed Keeper of the Lawn I must say this is very frustrating!

Perhaps what I really need to do though is take a page from Tesla's book and just learn how to relax ...
Tesla Napping
... though I kind of doubt there's room for both of us on the dining room table!


  1. LOL at the image of you and T on the dining room table.

    Hmm, only grass suggestion I have is to put hay/straw down over the seeds so the birds don't eat the grass seed. You rake it up later after the grass is established.

    Glad you got the plans hammered out and you can get that part off your mind and start looking forward to the time with Jamie.

  2. Glory!... you had me stressing over that damn train ride also... Big old scratch that was necessary.... now on to the fun part... Just go!!!! have a great time... Grass=Blech!.... good luck with that

  3. I think you made the right decision with not taking the train.

  4. A decision at last, and a very sound one! Now quit stressing and have fun, ya hear?!

    Big hugs...but no grass solutions from this corner...

  5. I'm glad you are flying. As someone who has taken the train down to Florida and back, I can tell you that while it is nice-it also gets tedious and too long. I think your flying option is better for this trip.

    As for the grass...well, CT grass always seems to do that. I had a nice lawn too once and then all of a sudden it was gross and patchy. Nothing I did worked. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything you are doing will finally take hold!

  6. Anonymous10:31 AM EDT

    I'm glad you're flying. this way you two can spend time adventuring...

  7. Well, you've at least made the decision on what mode of travel so you can relax now. Or are you going to worry about something else? I hope not.

    Yikes on the lawn. How in the heck did that happen? I'm sure you will master this. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  8. Hay is a good idea, and also they sell that covering that has seeds in it and you lay it down on the bare spots and the seeds will germinate

  9. This is when you wish you were Samantha from Bewitched and could just wiggle your nose to get from one place to another in an instant! lol Isn't it terrible what the mind can do to you when you stress out about certain things? I'm like you, I don't handle it very well!! Saving the train trip for another time sounds like a good idea so I'm glad you at least decided about that:-)

    As for your grass, I have no idea what would cause those bare spots and why it's not growing after you've re-seeded it and everything. You may have to buy a roll of sod and lay it down on those bare patches, we've done that before.

    Good to be back and visiting, I have lots of catching up to do!! xoxo

  10. that looks like chinch bugs to me. the grass i mean. google it and see.

    smiles, bee

  11. Glad to hear you've made a decision re your travel plans. I'm sure you'll feel better when you've got it all booked.

    Our front lawn was like that last year - I have no idea what caused it. We raked all the brown patches about three times until we were down to earth, put some topsoil down and flattened it, then put grass seed down with a thin layer of potting compost on top, kept it watered and waited. It's now quite lush.

  12. What a pity you won't be seeing Mimi in Bloggingham.

    Some mindless tv is just what we need at times!

  13. There's more than a smattering of mental illness in my family so I speak with some authority when I say "cut that out!"

    The concept of being in control of anything is, at best, an illusion. One of my favorite phrases (mantras?) in "no control, no responsibility." and having a touch more OCD than I care to admit, I can tell you that is one powerful phrase if you can get your head around it. Obviously, you have chinch bugs or mole crickets or something like that, and let me tell you, they excel on OCD and singlemindedness!

    I puffy heart Southwest!

    Big hugs xo

  14. You are welcome anytime. And when you do come down, you won't be stressing about train rides and flights and graduations. We can play!

    Fall sounds perfect.

  15. All I could do Linda is call Lawn Doctor! :)

  16. Have you tried Patch Perfect on your lawn? I see commercials for it on cable all the time.


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