Friday, May 7, 2010

Five on Friday - The 1981 Version

This week for Travis' Five on Friday meme I've chosen five songs from 1981 - the year that my oldest child was born.  This Sunday - Mother's Day - Michael turns 29 but I'll be darned if it feels like it was that long ago that I brought him home from the hospital, sat down with him in the rocking chair, and busted out into tears as I knew that he'd be grown and gone in no time flat.  Ah, hormones!  But I was right ... it did seem like no time flat and he was graduating from high school and having a family of his own.  Would someone like to tell me where all of those years went?

Anyhow, for your listening pleasure I present to you five hits from 1981 - it's good to know that all these years later they can still make my toes tap and I even remember the words!  I may not remember what I had for lunch yesterday but by golly I remember these songs - I hope you do, too!

If you'd like to join in on Five on Friday please click on over to Trav's Thoughts and join in - it's easy, it's a lot of fun and it brings back a lot of memories - at least for me!

And lest I forget a very happy birthday to my oldest a little early!


  1. What a nice birthday tribute to your son. Happy Birthday, Michael!

    Big hugs for everyone...

  2. Hey, you know, MY birthday is on a Friday too this year! *hint hint nudge nudge*

    Happy early Birthday Mike. The cake is not a lie. Or... Is it?

  3. What a nice thing to say about your son. My son will be 40 this year and the time did indeed fly by.

    I'm listening to Private Eyes right now. Love it.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

  4. 1981 was a memorable year for me as well, so these really brought back memories. Private Eyes really pushed buttons. Hope you have a great Mother's Day.

  5. Excellent! I graduated from high school in 1981 and I remember these tunes very well.

    Oh...thank your for not selecting Betty Davis Eyes. Yeesh! I detested that song and it was #1 for weeks leading up to graduation.

  6. I hope you have a happy mothers day linda.

  7. A happy birthday to Michael.

    My 1000th post is up now.


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