Friday, May 28, 2010

Five on Friday - Metallica

Time again for Travis' Five on Friday music meme wherein I get to go to, pick any five songs depending on my mood and train of thought, and then post them here to share with you.  Those are pretty simple guidelines and I love music so it's a great way to fill a Friday post as well as see what kind of music other participants have shared.  You should seriously pop over to Trav's Thoughts and play along with us some week - I think you'll like it!

My friend Mighty Mom left me a comment on last week's Five on Friday Rick Springfield edition that said, "sigh, one of these days you're going to pick songs I actually know....." so today's set list is for her as well as anyone else who likes a little Metallica in their lives. 

This week's set may seem like a bit of a departure from the music that I've posted here in the past but I've always considered myself to be quite diversified when it comes to what I'll listen to as I subscribe to the theory of "if it's good, I'll listen to it" whether it be rock, country, bluegrass, heavy metal, classical, alternative, or what-have-you.  With that philosophy in mind, all three of my children have introduced me to music that I might not have listened to on my own and that's the case here as it was my son Michael who first got me to listen to Metallica; as a matter of fact you could say that he and the band were formed at the same time as the group was founded the year that Mike was born - 1981.   Besides, if you listen to the set list, you'll hear that it's mostly Metallica's quieter stuff and not some of their louder head-banging thrash metal music.  Not that there's anything wrong with that as I personally think that a little head-banging every once in awhile is good for the soul!

With all that being said - enjoy, Sarah!


  1. I did listen to a bit of The Day That Never Comes, and the intro was alright, but they lose me at the screaming.

    I've been introduced to all sorts of stuff by 2 of my nephews - one is about to turn 31, and the other is 29. During their college years I found I liked Barenaked Ladies and Dave Matthews!

    Happy Friday! Big hugs xo

  2. I love how diverse your taste is

    I'm not much for all the screaming but some of their stuff has wicked beats - they're great to blast while driving or cleaning
    they keep the blood pumping

  3. Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

  4. Okay this goes on my ipod, Linda! And if I cleaned house I'd be playing this to keep me going, Dianne! Ha! :)

  5. Best. Band. Ever.

    James Hetfield doesn't scream, he growls... except in some of the very old stuff (at least imho). Seek and Destroy comes to mind. :)

    Whiskey in the Jar is one of my absolute favorites of theirs. <3

  6. Seems as if we have a bit of controversy here (as if this were the first time. :-)

    I loved every one of these songs until the mouths opened. Great musicians, but can't handle the singer.

  7. Not a huge Metallica fan, but can listen to 5 of their songs!

    I did not get mine done as I was reupholstering The Couch last night

  8. Metallica! We are going to the new frontier. I hope you have a super holiday weekend!

  9. Whiskey in a Jar I quite enjoyed, and Enter Sandman is definitely growing on me. Personally, my favorite Metallica performance is their cover of Ennio Morricone's Ecstacy of Gold. An amazing thing.

  10. I love Metallica and I really enjoyed this Set! This is a band my sister and I have in common. I was out of high school and she was just going in when we both discovered them.

    Thanks for the memories!


    the first 3 are AWESOME SONGS!! absolute favs of mine!

    my other big fav from them is ONE. talk about moving!

    thanks babe. I totally enjoyed this headbanging interlude.


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