Friday, May 21, 2010

Five on Friday - Rick Springfield

This week's Five on Friday set is brought to you courtesy of a song that popped into my head when I was telling Amanda why she had to go with me to help photograph Frank and Dawn's wedding a couple of Saturdays ago.  She wasn't really too keen on the idea of spending an entire Saturday at an event where she didn't really know anyone and had no internet access except for her iPhone; the thought of being cut off from her beloved PC was getting her edgy and she was a bit grumbly about helping me out.

As it turned out she had a fantastic time and helped me immensely however as we were driving to the wedding venue Amanda continued to whine at me asked me once again why she had to go when she wasn't a photographer and didn't know what she was doing and were we really going to be all there day and ... well, you get the idea!    My rather exasperated reply was, "Look, I do all sorts of things for you all of the time and it's about time you returned the favor!"  It was then that the words from an old Rick Springfield song popped into my head - "It's all give and take and you just take, I can't  take it you see ... I've done everything for you and you've done nothing for me." 

The song I've Done Everything For You (words and music by Sammy Hagar) became a hit for Rick Springfield, aka Doctor Noah Drake on the soap opera General Hospital, off of his 1981 album Working Class Dog.  The song eventually hit #8 on the Billboard Charts and obviously stuck in my head for many, many years! 

With that in mind, I decided to take five of Rick Springfield's songs and create this week's set list for Travis' Five on Friday.  I have to tell you, listening to anything from the early 1980's takes me right back to what now seems like another lifetime ago and certainly opens up a floodgate of memories but that's okay, even though the early 80's were kind of a turbulent part of my life there are more good memories there than bad so I don't mind going back down that portion of Memory Lane at all! Perhaps some of these songs will do the same for you.

Don't forget to visit over at Trav's Thoughts and maybe even join in on Five on Friday if you feel so inclined; it's a great meme and you can hear some great music! 


  1. sigh, one of these days you're going to pick songs I actually know.....

    and I LIKED the 80s music!

  2. Oh, be still my heart! I use to have such a crush on Rick Springfield! Did I say use to?

  3. You did right putting Amanda straight on the whole favours scenario. I trust she didn't argue? ;)

  4. I like it. Very much.

    Have a terrific day and weekend Linda. Big hug. :)

  5. I love it when song lyrics rise from the mists and say something perfectly, just when you need them to.

    Enjoyed the trip down memory lane! That was my high school era. I've Done Everything For You and Jesse's Girl are my favorites from your set today.

  6. Having a soundtrack in my brain most of the time, I can relate to your coming up with a lyric from a conversation.

    never been a huge fan of Mr. Springfield...but know so many people who are...

  7. I know these from my little Sis. She and my mom were huge fans of General Hospital, and Dr Noah was one of Sis' favorites.

    This was a little before she got her own stereo. When she finally did get that stereo, this was one of the first albums she got.


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