Sunday, May 23, 2010

Headache, Headache, Go Away ...

... and don't bother coming back another day!

Oy.  Woke up several times throughout the night with what most definitely felt like a sinus headache as every time I turned over my head was pounding and, not having had any sort of alcoholic beverages to speak of, I knew it wasn't hangover related!  I finally crawled out of bed, downed a couple of Advil Cold & Sinus tablets, and went back to bed to let them work their magic.  Several hours later I was back up and feeling a bit better though I'm afraid my energy levels match the weather today which is overcast and blah.  Gee, must be my day off!

Still, I need to work up some sort of energy/enthusiasm so that I can schlep down to Mystic and drop off my accepted entry for the Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts 99th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Mystic Arts Center which runs from May 28th to July 17th.  Entries have to be in either today or tomorrow and today seems like the better choice as it's my day off.

I'm hoping that this particular show doesn't leave me feeling quite as inadequate as the (old f)art show up in West Hartford did but I guess if I'm going to try to dip my toes into the stream of juried art competitions that I'm either going to have grow a thicker skin or gain more confidence in my work.  Both would probably be good!

Truth be told, even being chosen to part of the exhibit at all is really quite an honor so I guess I should stop whining, get dressed, pile the picture and the kid in the car, and head down to Mystic.  After all, it may be an overcast day off but it's a day off nonetheless!


  1. Good luck with the art show!

  2. wishing you all the best!

    smiles, bee

  3. This weather is just so the pits! Lucky for me, it hasn't bothered my sinus as I don't need another part of my body annoying me but it sure has been doing a number on my lower back as well as my legs and all the joints and ligaments, etc., in between those two areas! And I do think when it is dark, dank, dreary like today, it does absolutely nothing to increase our energy levels. How can one get the least bit energetic when what little you can muster up ends up being sucked out by the various aches and pains?
    Just gotta tell ourselves -"Better days ahead!" Good luck with the art show/exhibit though. Maybe that will help to chase the junky feelings and low energies away a little bit.

  4. Yuk! Get really well soon.

  5. Sorry about that pesky headache. Hope it's all gone by now. Good luck on the art show!

    Your photos are gorgeous so I see no reason whatsoever you shouldn't have confidence in your work!

    Big hugs xo

  6. Your art is your art. It may not appeal to everyone, but that doesn't give them a license to make you feel inadequate.

    Be proud of what you do!


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