Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Stuff

Here we are smack in the middle of Memorial Day weekend and I've got the house to myself - well, more or less - I've still got to share it with Tesla but for the most part he seems to be behaving himself.

Yesterday afternoon I took Amanda down to New London to catch the train for New York City and all the fun that awaited her there.   The plan was for her friend Sami to meet up with her upon her arrival at Penn Station and from there they were going to hit up a couple of their favorite stores in Manhattan before heading off to see a movie.

Today is the big zombie crawl in Brooklyn and I'm sure they'll have a good time at that.  Amanda had one bag dedicated entirely to zombie fixin's including a couple bottles of homemade blood, about three feet of homemade intestines, and enough make-up to turn pretty much anyone into one of the living dead no matter how alive and perky you were prior to the application!

Amanda's train arrived about ten minutes late but she was able to get a seat to herself and even found one with an a/c plug so she was able to plug in her iPhone and watch a movie on her way down to the city.  I tell ya, times have changed since I used to catch the train from New London to take me back down to McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey after a visit home!  Cell phones were still years in the future - never mind smart phones like we have now!  The really nice thing, though, is that I can keep in touch with her throughout her trip and as a parent, no matter how old your kid is and how many times they've made a particular journey on their own, you're always concerned until you get that message saying they've safely arrived.  Cell phones have alleviated a lot of that worry and concern and added another level of security that wasn't there back in 1978.

I'm sure Amanda's going to have a fantastic weekend and will hopefully have some pictures to share when she gets back.  Even though I have to work a double shift tomorrow I'm off today so the plan is to head up to my Mom's for a cook-out with my brothers and their wives and then get a few things done around the house.  I need to pick up some Grub-X on my way home to apply to the lawn as several folks have suggested the problem I'm having with the lawn is of the chinch bug variety and after Googling it, that seems to make perfect sense.

In the meantime, though, I've got this to deal with ...

Hope everyone's having a great Memorial Day weekend but don't forget to remember why we celebrate this weekend and those who died to give us the freedom that we enjoy!


  1. Amanda will be in her glory! And Tesla, I take mine black, honey.

    I'm just heading out to the store and then over to Al & Barbara's for the Indy 500! I'll be sitting in a nice, cushy leather recliner all afternoon! Not a paint brush in sight! And perhaps some Sangria! Woohoo!

    Big hugs xo

  2. I hope no one happens to look in Amanda's zombie bag! You and Tesla have a good Memorial Day weekend.

  3. I can well imagine the fun that Amanda is having:-) I'm always amazed at her zombie get ups! lol She should get a job on a movie set as a makeup artist!!

    Our long weekend was last weekend, Monday having been Victoria Day. What a shame you have to work on Memorial Day itself but hopefully you have a great relaxing day today.

    Tesla seems to have commandeered your coffee maker! hehe xoxo

  4. Tesla will keep you company for sure. I know Amanda will have a super time. We look forward to hearing about it.

    Oh yes, I am grateful for all the military, past and present.

    Big hugs...

  5. amanda's hair looks great but don't tell her or she'll change it if an old lady like me likes it! ha ha ha

    thanks again for your service honey, and we'll see you soon!

    smiles, bee

  6. It's a long weekend here in Trinidad and Tobago as well, so enjoy yours as I will enjoy mine. Your daughter is so pretty.

  7. I hope she is having the time of her life. I wish you a great weekend as well!

  8. Anonymous11:07 PM EDT

    Hope y'all had a good weekend. tell Tesla that I'd like some chai, please...

  9. Amanda has really grown into her own. We are all proud of her. You can tell her we said so.


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