Monday, May 24, 2010

Random Monday Musings

I made strawberry shortcake for dinner last night - just strawberry shortcake - does that make me a bad mother? Not that I heard Amanda complaining mind you! 
If a red sky at night is a sailor's delight, what's a pink and blue one mean?  Other than that it makes for a pretty view over the neighbor's rooftop that is! 
People always say that they slept like a baby when saying they got a good night's sleep but I'm thinking it would be better to say you slept like a cat as they seem to have sleeping down to a science! 
I was driving past the old Norwich State Hospital grounds the other day and just had to stop to take a few pictures - from the side of the road where I was not trespassing, mind you!
I still think it's a damn shame that these beautiful old buildings are sitting there going to waste like they are.  What is wrong with us as a society that we no longer value our past anymore?
Here's another shot of New England Central Railway engine #3847 as it entered the Village of Yantic last Wednesday. I like this one better than the one I posted on Saturday. By the way, if it looks like I was standing kinda close to the tracks that's because I was but not too close!
I'm still editing the pictures from Frank & Dawn's wedding; it's a slow process but I want to make sure I do it right.  This shot is one of my favorites so far. 
Okay, that's enough randomness for one day.  Everyone have a good Monday wherever you are and I'll try to do the same here!


  1. I love that piano selective color shot! Awesome!

    I can't believe that those marvelous old brick buildings haven't been rennovated and put to good use!

    And now I want Strawberry Shortcake for breakfast!

    Big hugs xo

  2. well i had company from podunk once and i made homemade coconut cake and homemade lemon ice cream for dinner. she talked about that wonderful meal for years until she died. we called it fruits and nuts!

    smiles, bee

  3. Miss Bee has a cookie contest, maybe the old sarge should have a strawberry shortcake contest:>, hard to beat you choice on the wedding photo.

  4. You never know what will happen with the hospital. Maybe someday a group will come in, decide to preserve it and raise the funds.

    Case in point...right up the street from me there was an old fashioned movie theater (evidentially it was featured in Time magazine many many years ago). It was functional up until the '80's and then closed down. Every few years there would be talk about preserving it, opening it up again, etc. but there never was the money. Finally, this opened!

  5. Anonymous12:42 PM EDT

    I like the Hospital shots... it's almost like being there...

    If you're serving strawberry shortcake for breakfast, then adopt me!

  6. SOme beautiful shots there...strawberry shortcake for dinner - wanna be my mom?

  7. What a fabulous wedding picture!

  8. Cake for dinner? Yum! I bet Amanda enjoyed it :)
    Those wedding pictures are awesome!

  9. CAKE is OK any time!

    As to the building, it certainly is a shame that it can't be restored. Those types of projects do take money. A lot of it.


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