Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Distractions

Oy.  I've been spending my Saturday morning trying to get some stuff done around the house before having to go into work this afternoon at 3:00 but it's been one of those days where the Domino Effect has been in full swing.  I do one thing that I planned on doing which in turn segues into something I hadn't planned on doing which in turn leads to yet another thing I hadn't planned on doing which eventually ends up with me not doing the things that I meant to do!  I've got no doubt you've all been there and done that!

Anyhow, just wanted to pop in quickly and let those who didn't hear earlier on Facebook know that my ex has decided that Jamie can come back up to Connecticut with me from Florida on the train so that she can have the opportunity to visit with her family up here for a bit.  He's modifying his plans to come up in June to drive rather than fly so it will be easy enough for Jamie to go back down to Florida with them when they go.  I asked him last night if there were any restrictions as to where we could leave from Florida (i.e., did I have to bring her back to Tampa first for any reason?) and he said that no, he thought it might be easier for me to leave from the eastern side of Florida if I was going to be over that way visiting friends anyway.

So ... with that in mind, I've been thinking that maybe we will swing by Saint Augustine on our way down to visit Bee and Charlie and spend Sunday there seeing the sights before continuing south on Monday.  Right now I'm looking at taking the train back to Connecticut out of West Palm Beach on Tuesday morning so I think this plan just might work as long as I don't get too distracted by the history of Saint Augustine and a really cool lighthouse that I just found last night while fooling around on Google a bit. After all, I do love me a nice lighthouse!

I guess the question is:  how much can I fit in between Friday when I leave Connecticut and Tuesday morning when we leave Florida?   After all, I'll be able to catch back up on sleep on the train heading north so who needs it while I'm there??

Speaking of trains, here's a quick shot of a New England Central Railway engine that I took this past Wednesday morning while doing my hobo impression and hanging around the tracks up in Yantic for a bit. It was chilly and rainy and a lousy May day and this isn't one of my best shots but it's still a train, right?

NERWNE Southbound
Here's hoping everyone has a great Saturday - I've still got some things to do around here before work in two hours - provided I don't get distracted again! Oh hey ... what's that over there ... ??


  1. That is such great news about Jamie being able to come up North for a bit. I bet she's really excited to see you, and excited that you'll be there cheering her on at graduation. Will she be able to attend Amanda's graduation?

  2. Sounds like a fine plan, now that the ex has come to his senses. Dick and I stay about 5 miles N of Bee/Charlie when we are down there in the winter. You'll enjoy meeting them, lucky girl.

    You know I'll be right along with y'all on this trip down and back, right? :)

    Big hugs..

  3. I know all too well about distractions!

    your plans sound wonderful

  4. I don't know your ex's wife, but I like her! =0)

    I quit about 3 hours earlier today than I'd planned... tired and wanting to watch a movie (read fall asleep in the recliner).

    Big hugs xo

  5. Sounds like everything is falling into place so you can enjoy both graduations.

  6. well okey dokey then!

    smiles, bee

  7. You sound just like me on that one. Even when I make lists, I never seem to finish them. We went to St. Augustine in March of last year, it was a little chilly still, but it was great. I took lots of flower photos. They also have a big Rippley's Believe it or not museum, might be the original but I can't remember for sure. It is full of cool and odd stuff, Jamie might like it, my girls did (they were in college then). I am glad you get more time with her. Enjoy!

  8. hahaha, I read this on your light house link

    Dark of the
    Moon Tour
    Experience Darkness at the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and hear our paranormal tales.

    I'll eat my panties if you DON'T go to THAT!!


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