Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Scramble

I'm still not quite used to having Sundays off and had to lie in bed for a few minutes this morning trying to figure out what day it was!  Come to think of it, I have to do that pretty much every morning - I wonder if this is going to be a 'rest of my life' kinda thing?  Anyone else have trouble remembering what day it is when you wake up in the mornings?

Thank you to everyone for your words of encouragement for Amanda after Friday night's disappointing awards ceremony.  Thankfully Amanda bounced back yesterday as I knew she would and isn't going to let it get to her like she did the other evening.  Sometimes in life it just helps to have a good cry before you move on.

Speaking of moving on, a very big congratulations to Ralph and Patti as their oldest child walks across the stage at the University of Hartford this afternoon and accepts her diploma.  Allegra is moving on to the next stage of her life beyond college and though I'm sure it's got to be terrifying, I've also got to believe that it's pretty exciting, too!  I'm pretty sure I'll be able to see the glow of proud parent smiles all the way over in Norwich!

Today kicks off the beginning of EMS Week - a time to honor the dedication of those who provide the day-to-day lifesaving services of medicine's "front line."  I work with a fabulous group of Paramedics and EMTs and they are all to be thanked and admired for the jobs that they do.  There's a reason I work behind the radio and that's because I couldn't do the things that these fantastic men and women do out there in the field - not without passing out, throwing up, or both!  Hopefully neither you nor any of your friends or family ever need EMS services but if you do, you can rest assured that the men and women who have chosen to work as Emergency Medical Service providers are dedicated, compassionate, and caring professionals who never seem to get the thanks they deserve outside of maybe this one week.  A big THANK YOU to all of them and I hope they have a wonderful week!

So after four-and-a-half years of basically no contact at all, Amanda's father has decided that he wants to come to Connecticut for Amanda's high school graduation next month.  Why he wants to do that I'm not sure but he and his wife have plans to fly to Boston on the 16th of June and be around until the 21st.  While part of me thinks it's a good thing that he wants to 'reconnect' with his daughter, the other part of me thinks it's pretty damned presumptuous of him to think she even wants him around after he couldn't even be bothered to send her a birthday or Christmas card since October of 2005.  Needless to say, it's added some stress to what should be a really happy occasion. 

As for Jamie's graduation from the Academy on June 12th, I'm still not sure whether I'm going to be able to get down there for that or not but I know I need to make up my mind very soon.  While I really want to go, the timing isn't good at all what with Amanda's graduation right behind it on the 18th as that doesn't give me hardly any time at all to spend with Jamie whom I haven't seen for just about a year.  Part of me thinks it might be better to skip the graduation and take a trip down there in July to spend some time with her when I could stay for awhile and spend some quality time with her.  I even went so far as to look at cruises out of Florida as I thought it might be a nice way to celebrate her graduation - jump on a ship and sail around for a few days just the two of us - but even though prices are supposed to be great, it's more than I can afford right now.  Where are those darned winning lottery numbers when I need 'em??

While on the subject of trips, I was talking to my cousin at lunch the other day about a possible road trip to Nashville at the end of September or so.  She wants to go to the annual International Bluegrass Music Association conference that's held in Nashville at that time and was thinking perhaps I'd like to go along for the ride so we could fit in some Civil War sites along the way.  It sounds like a great idea to me so we'll be kicking that one around a little bit and see what shakes out.  Thankfully my cousin is just as much - if not more - into history than I am and I'm sure we'd have a great time!  It's been a long time since we did our last trip down to the battlefields of Virginia in 2000 so we are way past due!

Finally, I'm very frustrated with the yard here at the house lately as there are several very large dead spots that weren't there last year and I'm having a deuce of a time getting grass to regrow in them.  Having tried fertilizer and reseeding, I'm now trying an application or two of lime to see if there's an acidity problem with the soil.  I guess this is the part where it would be nice to have a man around as men seem to have a natural ability to fix lawns - rather like they do cars! - but alas, I'll have to figure it out on my own.  I do owe a big thank you to my friend Andrew, though, who picked up the bags of lime for me and dropped them off at the house as they're pretty darned heavy.  Andrew is a real peach and a good friend!

Anyhow, enough rambling and scrambling here today - the sun is shining on my day off for a change, it's a beautiful day outside, and there are things to be done that require me to get dressed, put my shoes on, and get out the door.  I hope you all have a beautiful Sunday no matter where you are!


  1. It does seem strange that Amanda's father suddenly wants to be part of her life - how does Amanda feel about it?

    Why don't you put your thoughts Jamie's graduation to her and let her decide which she'd prefer. A cruise for just the two of you sounds great but she might just prefer that you're there for her graduation.

    Whatever, I'm sure you'll do the right thing. :)

  2. I agree with Akelamalu. Amanda ought to have the choice as to whether she wants her father at her graduation. If he hasn't bothered to contact her since 2005, I know what I'd say if I were Amands.

  3. he has some agenda i'm sure. i know that type. but sadly it is amanda that will not win in this. i am so sorry about it too. hoping all goes well.

    i agree to spend time with jamie after the graduation. the ceremony is just a moment, the lifetime is after.

    smiles, bee

  4. Oh, those are some tricky situations. Personally, I would go to Jamie's graduation if I were in your's just one of those moments that's hard to miss out on. But if it's just not doable, then that's understandable. I know you'll make it up to Jamie and I am sure she will understand.

    As for should be totally her decision whether or not she wants her father to be there or not. As her mother, that'll no doubt be difficult as you want to protect her from potential hurt but if Amanda wants to give her father a chance it might be a good thing.

  5. I enjoy reading your "Ramblings and Scramblings". Thanks for sharing. Hope you enjoyed that sunshine.

  6. Oy. I can't stand total idiots that act like dads every five years or so.
    Coming on the heels of the awards disappointment I'd sure hate to see her get set up for another. Bee's right - he's got an agenda of some sort or another. I'm sure she'll do okay. That girl's got spunk like her mom! She may be down but not out!

  7. I was surprised to read that Amanda's dad suddenly wants to show up in her life.
    I hope it is something Amanda wants for her graduation.

    Bee is right. Although Jamie's graduation is important, it's just one day. Her future is what is important, and time together at a later date would be more meaningful for both of you.

    I got tears in my eyes when I was reading along and saw that you mentioned me and Ralph here. Thanks so much for your support, Linda.

  8. How does Amanda feel about him coming? I can't help but feel highly suspicious of his intentions, while at the same time the optomist in me is hoping he's coming with a great big check for college tuition.

    My Dad loves Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Me? Not so much. So I won't be showing this this to hime! hahaha!

    Big hgs xo

  9. Thanks for the mention about Allegra - she earned her day of recognition, and proud we are and remain!

  10. Anonymous9:30 PM EDT

    Nashville? Hmmm..... I know someone from there....


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