Friday, June 18, 2010

Five on Friday - The HapCongratBirthUlations Day Version!

As a rule, June 18th is always a rather important date in my household as it marks not only the occasion of Amanda's birth in 1992 but also my mother's birthday a good number of years earlier!  This year it's made even more special as later this afternoon Amanda will be walking across the football field at Norwich Free Academy to climb the steps to the podium and receive her high school diploma - shake with your right, receive with your left.  Personally I think it's pretty cool to be turning 18 and graduating on the same day though it makes for a rather discombobulated title to this post!

For this week's Five on Friday meme I decided to go with five songs from 1992 and one additional song that Amanda asked that I include that is currently one of her favorites by a group named Ludo. The song inspired one of her more recent art projects:

Amanda tells me that there's a story to the song but I'm not quite sure what it is and I can't ask her as she's out to breakfast with her father right now - a guy she hasn't seen in four-and-a-half years but to his credit gave her one heck of a bear hug when he came by to pick her up a few minutes ago.  It almost brought tears to my eyes, sentimental sap that I am, as even though he and I have had our differences and I am none too thrilled with the fact that he hasn't had anything to do with her since October 2005, he's still her father and I hope that he'll appreciate the person that she's become rather than dwell on the things that he may not "approve of". I'm pretty sure he lost the right to be disapproving long ago but anyhow, enough of that ... today is a very happy day and I'm not going to abide by any negativity! 

I hope you enjoy the rather mixed-bag of music and I also hope that everyone has as nice of a Friday, June the 18th, as I intend to have!


  1. Anonymous9:09 AM EDT

    Congradubirthulations Day, Amanda! Enjoy the day as it is yours! Own it!


  2. Hapcongratbirthulations, Amanda! Quite a big day! And Happy Birthday to your Mom, too!

    Tears in Heaven is one of my all time faves. I listen to his Unplugged CD at least once a week! And Bohemian Rhapsody... well! It's a masterpiece. My ex loved Queen and I thank him for having this album or I may never have heard this song!

    Enjoy the BIG day today! Several awesome reasons to celebrate!

    Big hugs xo

  3. Lake Pontchartrain lyrics

    HapCongratpybirthulationsday to Amanda. Nothing like have two reasons to whoop it up!!!!

    Linda know how you feel about the bear hugger. Just glad mine and his daughter now spend lots of time together even though he abandoned her from ages 7 to 18.

  4. Hapcongratbirthulations, Amanda!

  5. ♪♪Hapcongratbirthulations to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Hapcongratbirthulations to you,♪♪
    ♪♪Hapcongratbirthulations Dear Amanda & Mom too,♪♪
    ♪♪Hapcongratbirthulations to you.♪♪

    Of all the music you posted I love George Michael's Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me the very best.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  6. Lady... you have a full, full life. HapCongratBirthUlations Day to Amanda (now that is creative!!)and a belated WTG to Jamie.

  7. all the best to her and i sure hope that breakfast goes good...

    smiles, bee

  8. Congrats to Amanda!
    You have reason to be very proud of your girl. We are too.

    Have fun. We await the pictures.
    Of course.

  9. Hapcongratbirthulations to your daughter, Linda! Enjoy the fabulousness.

    Bohemian Rhapsody is amongst my favorite all-time songs, evah. Wonderful pick!

    And Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me is my other favorite from today's set.

  10. Hapcongratbirthulations, Amanda! You have a great daughter, Linda.

  11. Happy Birthday and graduation to Amanda! I'll check out the Set this weekend.

  12. Wow. Have you ever had a weeks' worth of happiness! You have a lot to be proud of, and I know I'm not telling you anything new!
    For Amanda's sake, I'm glad her dad acknowledged her. A girl needs her dad, even if he's been a rotter in the past. Maybe things will be better.
    Love to Amanda and many happy things for her!!!

  13. That's a whole bunch of happiness all wrapped up in one big day. Sure hope that breakfast went well. All things bright and beautiful for Amanda.

    Big hugs to all...

  14. ahhh, now you're spekkin me language sister!

    love those 5!

    had to listen to A's to see if they really knew how to pronounce it or if it was gonna be another fool singing about "new Orleeeen's"

    from the bit of the song I heard they got that down pretty good....had to quit listening cuz I got HUNGRY!! oh gator tails....somebody find me some gator tails!!!

    How much longer before I get down to Lake Pontchartrain myself??


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