Monday, June 7, 2010

Illustrations By Amanda

It's easy to tell that Amanda is an artist - there are probably more unfinished projects cluttering up various and assorted spots in the dining room then there are completed ones but I guess that's how artists roll ... with more projects swirling around in their heads than they have time to finish!  Amanda's latest self-imposed project is to illustrate a poem by Curtis RX who, when not writing music and performing with his band Creature Feature, is writing a little book of death poems called 101 Ways To Die, Accidents, Murders, And Other Techniques To Lose A Life.

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking but just remember, it's Amanda we're talking about here - the kid who loves a good zombie crawl, counts Edgar Allan Poe as one of her favorite authors, and thinks Vincent Price was one of THE best actors ever - and wasn't he just??   For her, this is pretty typical stuff and as someone who eventually wants to make her living as an illustrator, this is darned good practice for that future career that she's going to need to pay back all of her student loans!

The poem in question is titled "I've Got a Sinking Feeling in My Gut" and involves a Victorian serial killer who has a penchant for organ removal but Amanda has based her illustrations in a modern day setting rather than in a Victorian one.  There are two reasons for that:  the first is that she says the modern day setting is easier to draw and the second is that it didn't dawn on her until this morning that the poem is based on Jack the Ripper and she'd already drawn the first page.  Oops!

The finished project will be six pages and so far she's got the first three pages done - not counting the verses which go into those white boxes that you see.  I'm sure that when the whole thing is complete, Amanda won't mind if I post the entire project as she's always open to kudos or critiques of her work.  In the meantime, here are the first three pages of "I've Got a Sinking Feeling In My Gut" - poem by Curtis RX and illustrations by Amanda aka Miss Delirium! 
"In the hours past midnight
Taking a shortcut home
Down a damp, dark alley
Chilled to the bone"
"A hard day on the job
Not the profession you think
A harlot, a whore
A woman of the streets"
"As the fog rolls in
Not a human in sight
The sound of footsteps
Fills your body with fright."
Hopefully Mr. RX won't mind that Amanda took a little poetic license with his poem and can appreciate the fact that his artistic writings have inspired another artist to pull out paint and paper to work on her craft a little while adding just a touch more clutter to the dining room!  Should you be at all interested in reading more of 101 Ways to Die, then click here and head on over to Villains & Vaudevillians, The Official Website of Curtis RX


  1. they are wonderful, my favorite so far of all i have seen!!! she is very talented. see you soon!

    smiles, bee

  2. She'll do very well with her illustrating! See you sooner! hahahaha!

    Big hugs xo

  3. I just love Amanda. Her artwork always makes me smile. All of it. I actually want ask her if she'd sell me a print of Alice-the one that goes with the Mad Hatter you guys gave me for my birthday. I'd really love to hang it somewhere in the new place along with MH...

    I'm sorry your name was butchered-but it's pretty cool either way!!

  4. Amanda is very talented indeed.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  5. That girl has real talent!

  6. Will have to make that trip over as it reminded me of another poem that Amanda will like, but I have to go scrounging for it. This sort of thing is just part of the mood of dystopia that is the theme of her generation. Will get back to you if I can find the poem I'm remembering.

  7. The illustrations are amazing...just the high quality I've come to appreciate.

  8. W.O.W.!!! What a difference these few past years have made! She's really coming into her own, and I love it. I can imagine what a truly great teacher must feel, watching their very talented student take off on wings of her own.

  9. Amanda has amazing artistic talent.

    These illustrations are great. Interesting subject matter.

    I'm guessing she's not into looking at still life paintings or landscapes. Just a guess.

  10. That girl's got talent! I'll admit I like these much better than the scary ones:)

    Big hugs and a frown that I am not on your travel list...

  11. Fabulous! Amanda is so talented.

  12. Did you know I just finished listening to Bram Stokers Dracula on audiobooks? Right up her alley


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