Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

Considering that I'm leaving for Florida on Friday afternoon, you would think I might be spending my time at least looking at my sorry-excuse-for-hot-weather wardrobe and trying to figure out what I can wear while I'm in the Deep South but oh no, I'm puttering around the house doing other things and spending way too much time on the computer - again.  And to think I used to be so organized!

The battle of the lawn continues but I'm not sure who's winning the war yet.  I did put some insecticide out last Sunday in the hopes that I can run out anything that may be munching on the grasses but I can't really tell if it's working yet.  The grass that hasn't been eaten is definitely growing nicely and is in need of mowing but I'm putting it off as long as possible being that I won't be able to mow it again until I get back from Florida next Wednesday.

So far I'm putting off both packing and mowing ... it's going to be a busy end of the week!

I did manage to get my reservations made for what I think is going to be a really cool ghost tour in Saint Augustine for Jamie and I to go on.  I found a 90-minute tour at ghoST Augustine that not only goes out to the lighthouse that's reportedly haunted but conducts the tours via transport in a 1977 Cadillac hearse!  I can't even begin to tell you how jealous Amanda is! 

Thanks to my friend MightyMom, I added the Audiobooks application to my iPhone and I've got Pride and Prejudice all downloaded to listen to on my flight down to Jacksonville.  The application has all sorts of books to download and listen to, a lot of really good classics included.  Considering there's just enough movement on a plane for me to be subject to motion sickness should I try to do any actual reading, an audio book is the perfect solution!  I'll be so caught up with Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy that I'll be in Florida before I know it!

Amanda is wrapping up her final full week at school and she couldn't be happier about it.  I've never quite figured out why everyone is always in such an all-fired hurry to get out of high school but she sure is.  My fingers are crossed for good weather for her graduation next Friday!

This week's weather is a far cry from last week's weather when it was hot and humid just about every single day.  The storms that blew through on Sunday brought some nice cool weather behind them and it's been absolutely lovely the past two days - perfect sleeping weather but for some reason I woke up early again today. It could be all the noisy birds that happily singing away in the trees!

I received my Social Security Statement in the mail yesterday that tells me my estimated benefits for future retirement based on my current earnings rate and it looks like I'll be dispatching ambulances for another 18 years or so.  Should I retire at 66 years, 8 months I would be getting $1,706 a month but if I hang onto until I'm 70 that bumps up to $2,256 a month.  Sixty-two isn't even a consideration as I'd only be getting $1,113 a month and with my 401K doing nothing but plummeting with the current economy there's no help there.  Kind of scary to think that I'll be just as old - if not older - than a lot of the people we transport now!   I hope I'm still able to remember all the codes we have by then or that I can enunciate properly around my false teeth!

Speaking of work, I really need to get myself off of the computer and get a few things done before I have to go in later this afternoon; I've got laundry to finish, dishes to put away, chicken to cut up for salad, and a myriad of other things that I keep putting off.  Besides, it appears that someone thinks I have been on the computer more than long enough ...

Okay, okay, I get the hint, Tesla!  Everyone have a great Tuesday!


  1. we are definitely in our summer weather pattern now, storms every afternoon, hot and sunny otherwise. actually i love it. safe travels and see you soon!

    smiles, bee

  2. I know you'll get your summer clothes out soon. And pack too. You'd better anyway or you'll be miserable in the Florida weather.

    Wish I could be there to meet Miss Bee and Sarge Charlie. It would be great seeing you again too.

    Have a safe trip and a terrific day and week ahead. Big hug. :)

  3. My warm weather wardrobe leaves much to be desired too! I'm envious of your trip. Should be a wonderful time. An audio book is perfect for the plane.

    I love the lack of humidity as well. :-)

    Aw, Tesla wants to learn how to use the computer, Ma!

    a former regular blog visitor
    I've been a stranger, I know!

  4. Tesla definitely thinks it is HIS turn at the puter!

    You'll get it all together before the clock strikes the final hour before leaving on this fab trip. We are heading to St. Augustine this very w/e!

    Big hugs...

  5. I need to book a hotel for my trip in July....what site do you recommend?? do they do better than AAA or military discounts?

  6. sounds like a lot to do in little time, but the haunted tour sounds fun too

  7. once the plane takes off it always feels worth all the preparation

    I have already calculated that I will need to work 5 years after my death in order to pay off my funeral ;)

    Tesla look very comfy and i love that you give him a towel, I do the same thing for my guys

  8. Kitties will definitely let you know when enough is enough...even if it's not!

  9. Ooooh, St. Augustine is awesome. I hope you'll love it as much as I do :) Enjoy your trip and don't you worry abou any grass mowing!

  10. Oh you're gonna have a great time and get to meet Bee and Charlie too! I can't wait to hear all about that and see the photos - don't forget the photos!!

    My state pension at 60 years old is just £543 ($790) a month but we do get free prescriptions and free bus travel. Everyone should be able to retire at 60 if they've worked for 40+ years on a decent pension. I hope things change and you can retire earlier Linda.

  11. Linda, looks like you have a kitty friend there! So much of us tend to move a lot slower in the heat of the months. I know I do. Last thing on my mind when I am hot, or unorganized is keeping on task for the day.

    Gift Baskets

  12. Enjoy your trip. Say hello to Bee & Sarge.

  13. Anonymous5:48 PM EDT

    hot, summer weather... ugh! we have a heat advisory here in Middle TN for this weekend. Not looking forward to it at all!

    Congrats to your grads!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Honorable mention goes to Linda of Are We There Yet?? with:

    Vicky knew the extra silicone she had implanted in her breasts was going to come in handy someday!

    Congratulations and thanks for playing. Big hug. :)


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