Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mid-Week Musings

Hey!  How did it get to be the end of July already??

Speaking of July - on the news last night the weatherman said that this July is going to go down in the record books as the hottest July since the National Weather Service started keeping records back in 1888.  June has already gone down in the books for the same thing so if it seems like it's been hotter than usual this summer - it has been!

I'm rather hoping for a bit of a break this weekend as Amanda and I are taking her last road trip before college down to Baltimore - a trip which surprisingly has nothing to do with Edgar Allan Poe!  Instead Amanda is going to be attending the Otakon Convention which in their words "celebrates all anime, manga, and all facets of Asian pop culture!"  Okkaaayyyy ... she bought and paid for her own ticket so I'm basically going to be playing Hoke to her Miss Daisy!   She just recently managed to rope her friend Darci into going with her so we'll be making a stop in New Jersey along the way.

I think her prime reason for going is that she wants to meet Tessa Stone who is the comic artist of Hanna Is Not A Boy's Name - a web comic that Amanda absolutely loves.  Ms. Stone's artwork is very much like that which Amanda hopes to someday do so she is really looking forward to the opportunity to meet her in person.

Apparently I may get the opportunity to meet her in person myself as I was asked last night if I would be able to do group photos for Tessa and her "fans" on Saturday evening.  Not having any one thing in particular on my own agenda - at least not yet but I've found some things I'm quite interested in doing - I'm pretty sure I'll have the time to do that before going back to my own devices in Baltimore.

This being my third trip down to Baltimore at least I've got a semi-decent idea of the lay of the land so what I'm mostly planning on doing while there is taking pictures of some of the more historic parts of the city.  The hotel I managed to get a really amazing deal at (more on that in another post) is located in the Mount Vernon section of the city which is considered to be the heart of Baltimore's arts and culture community.  Once the home of Baltimore's gilded age elite, there is a lot there for any history buff to love including the original Washington Monument erected 50 years before the one in Washington, the Basilica of the Assumption which was America's first cathedral built between 1806 through 1821, and the Enoch Pratt Free Library which is one of the oldest public libraries in the country established in 1882.

Anyhow, there will be lots more on this later but for now I've got to take Amanda up to her doctor's office to get a meningitis shot - something she's really not looking forward to but a definite must for college!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday no matter what you may be doing this hot, hot July!


  1. Have a wonderful trip you two! Edgar Allan and historic Baltimore. Love it. I'm sure the photos will be awesome with you behind the camera.

    **Jamie is still in the dungeon. And it's your fault ya know...."

  2. That sounds like a fun weekend! I'll look forward to your report and photos!

    I still say you are the coolest Mom as my mother, as wonderful as she is, would never have done anything like that!

    big hugs xo

  3. You said on FB you were taking Amanda to gey shot. I wondered if she had her blindfold! Hope she enjoyes the convention and gets to meet Tessa.

  4. Anonymous3:02 PM EDT

    Berger's Cookies.

  5. I think that June and July will go down around here at hicksville as the coolest in record and the windest.

    have fun on the road trip. I really liked the site for the cartoons. If that is what you call them.

  6. Have a terrific time. I love the hotel and I'm sure you'll do a post about that all by itself. What a unique place indeed.

    Zane is right we've had a very cool and windy June and July. Really cool for central California.

    Big hug. :)

  7. if you get a chance see the old otterbein church between harbor place and camden yards. my grandparents were members and family were married there, it's an amazing structure i think.

    smiles, bee

  8. The pictures should be wonderful. Baltimore is one of my favorite towns since there is so much variety and places of interest. Hope Amanda has a great time and gets to show off some of her art work.


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