Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Stuff

Compared to last week, this has been a rather nice week ... no, make that a fantastic week!

Making the decision to use my 401K for Amanda's first year of college has taken a major weight off of my shoulders though I have had a little trepidation about that same weight reapplying itself next year when we have to start trying to figure out financing for her sophomore year however, there's time to cross that bridge later so I'm going to try not to stress about it now.

I had a long talk with Jamie the other night and the current plan is for her to move up here after Amanda leaves for college at the end of August.  That, of course, is subject to change if she can't remember to tell the truth to her father however she wants to try to continue to work at her job at McDonald's and save up some money before moving up here.  She did express some interest in possibly taking some courses at the local community college so I told her father to fill out a FAFSA and see what she qualifies for in regards to financial aid.  He was on unemployment for a very long time so she should qualify for a lot more than Amanda did.

Work wasn't too bad this week due to the simple fact that I had a lot more time off than I've been used to having.  If I hadn't picked up the open shift this evening, I would have worked a mere five shifts - something I haven't done in a very, very long time.  Next week really should be just five shifts as there's nothing open that I know of.  Even though I'm going to miss the overtime pay, I really think I could get used to having more time off!

So how did I spend a lot of that time off?  Sitting on the couch and watching programs that I had recorded on the DVR long ago.  I had five episodes of "Flashpoint" stacked up that I thoroughly enjoyed watching.  I've become a bit hooked on that show as it's not your typical cop drama - thank goodness!

Amanda and I went to the movies with our friend Paula to see the new Leonardo DiCaprio film "Inception" last night and let me just say that it was fantastic and definitely lived up to all the hype!  The movie is directed by Christopher Nolan of "Dark Knight" fame and he did a wonderful job with the film.  Add on a fantastic score by Hans Zimmer, some truly amazing special effects, and those blue eyes of Leonardo and well ... go see it as I want to discuss the ending with someone!  Amanda's already wanting to see it again she liked it so much.

And for all of you who told me to go out and do something for myself after the horrible week I had previous to this one, you'll be glad to know that I did just that in the form of some hair pampering.  I'd been wanting something different so I decided to become a brunette and got a nice cut to boot.  This picture is not that great as I took it with my cell phone but it gives you a bit of an idea at any rate. Of course, it must not be that much of a change as Amanda has failed to make any reference to my new do at all - perhaps it wasn't extreme enough for her?

Everyone have a lovely weekend no matter what your plans may be!


  1. How funny! We both posted haircut photos today! It looks lovely! Washing away gray is supposed to lift a gal's spirit! Now I want to watch Moonstruck! Will it make me look like Cher did afterwards? hahahaha!

    I did try coloring mine just once about 8 years ago after the continued nagging of my SisterDear Lynda... and I just hated it on me. I also hated the idea of the stripe that would need constant maintenance. I'm afraid that I'm one of those gals whose just going to have to go gray gracefully.

    Good for you for pampering yourself a little bit! If I have time this afternoon, I'm also getting a pedicure!

    big hugs :)

  2. Will you face tax problems using your 401K for education? Not sure if there is and exemption.

  3. Your hair looks good...what woman is ever satisfied with her hair???

    Have a great w/e. Big hugs...

  4. of course sarge has to think of the tax implication! he never stops! ha ha ha

    love the hair. personally i wish sometime you would bo lighter, a light brown with blonde highlights. for your skin i think that would be perfect. jmho though.

    smiles, bee

  5. I love Flashpoint also.
    and isn't it funny that they always say there is loads of money for school programs until you apply for them.

  6. Perhaps Amanda would notice if it were green?

  7. Anonymous1:27 PM EDT

    the new do looks really good! I am so glad that there is a lot less stress on your plate this week. As for paying for college, we have five that we currently plan on pushing through (only if they want, of course) but we have NO IDEA how we will do that! Enjoy your Saturday, Linda.

  8. Your hair looks fantastic! I'm glad that you had a much better week, it's amazing how one feels after clearing a hurdle in life.

  9. You needed those five hours of TV. It was pretty good last night. There was a different story line than usual - liked it.
    I like your hair. Maybe you should buy one of those funky rainbow wigs. That'd get Amanda going...

  10. Yup, that's it. Definitely not extreme enough, but quite becoming, Duchess!

    I'm glad to read that you had a better week. Things could only get better, right?

    We haven't been to the movies in ages. I did want to see the new Toy Story.

  11. Good for you on feeling better. Taking some time for yourself is good.

    Glad you are content with the first year of college. Next year will be next year.

  12. Anonymous10:43 PM EDT

    Love the color and the 'do!!!!! I'm so glad that this week is better. Definitely have ex fill out the FASFA. It'll make life that much easier.

    Hope everything gets squared away... HUGS!


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