Friday, August 6, 2010

Five on Friday - 1983 Cuz I Felt Like It!

It's Friday and that mean it's music for Trav's Five on Friday meme. For some unknown reason, I decided to step back to 1983 this week and pull some songs from when I was playing disc jockey at KSJC Delta College Radio in Stockton, California where we were "keeping it alive at 89.5!"  Wow but that seems like an entire lifetime ago and I guess it could have been as I was only 24 back when I first started spinning records - you know, that stuff they call "vinyl" these days!

Gee, I wonder whatever happened to Thomas Dolby??

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  1. WHOA! I just started having 80's flashbacks................................................

    bring on that Def Leppard.

    here's a fun article for ya. I just read tonight....

    I immediately started singing EVERY SONG they named!!

  2. The only one I'd heard of was Love is a battlefield.

    None of these are in my Like column. My bad?

    Happy Friday! Woohoo! Big hugs :)

  3. Anonymous7:57 AM EDT

    love this time of music! I can still see Dexys Midnight Runners dancing around in their overalls with no shirts underneath singing to Eileen! Love that! Great musical choices.

  4. Love the Pat Benetar which is about the only song that registers as that was a very busy stretch in my life away from radios.

  5. I love Thomas Dolby - I had two of his albums back in the day. Actually, they were cassettes for my Walkman! If I'm not mistaken, he's cleaning up in the ringtone market (has a company that produces them) and is busy inventing crazy technology, as well as working as a session musician.

  6. Hmm, not my fave musical decade. I think I was still stuck in the 60s then!

    Have a great w/e. Big hugs, honey...

  7. Nice Set! I hadn't heard a couple of those songs in ages.


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