Friday, August 27, 2010

Five on Friday - The EP Version

For this week's Five on Friday meme created by Travis, I asked Amanda if she'd like to give me five more videos being that she's off to college tomorrow and in order for me to get further choices from her, I'm going to have to nag her via email or text being that she won't be here for me to do it in person!  Of course, I'll Jamie here so I can always get some of her picks but for now, it seemed appropriate to give Amanda one more round as sort of a "send off".

Rather than giving me five assorted songs, Amanda chose what she could find on YouTube for her favorite alternative-rock band Ludo's EP Broken Bride.  The EP is a rock opera concept and the five songs tell the story of The Traveler, a man who loses his love in a tragic accident and 15 years later finally manages to complete the time machine he's been building in order to go back and save her.  Of course, things don't exactly go as planned and The Traveler ends up back in the Jurassic Period before he rockets forward to the Apocalypse before finally getting to the point in time where he needs to be when his wife gets into the car for her fateful drive.

Per Amanda, don't watch the last three videos but just listen to the music as all she could find were Final Fantasy versions of the songs on YouTube.  The first two are versions with the lyrics.  I've listened to the EP numerous times while in the car - and around the house - and it's really not that bad; matter of fact, the last song has managed to put a lump in my throat from time to time but don't tell anyone I told you that - I don't want to blow my "tough" image!


  1. What a story. It would take a while for the voices to grow on me, but I really like the concept and the lyrics.

  2. Tomorrow you see Barb. I wish I could be there.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM EDT

    I listened to the last one per your request and it is a great one! Be strong as you wave "see ya soon" to Amanda. You must be so proud.

  4. Did not hit me well...but everyone has their own ear.

  5. Interesting. I have never heard them before and the more I listen the more they sort of grow on me.

  6. I liked the third song and the last one.

  7. Broken Bride Part II was my favorite one.

    Great luck to Amanda as she heads off to college - I always enjoy her guest 5 on Friday set lists.


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