Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday Stuff

Random Baltimore ChurchI have no idea what church this is in Baltimore, it's just one that I saw while sitting at a stoplight while on my way to someplace and I snapped a quick picture of it.  I could probably drive around Baltimore for days just taking pictures of steeples and spires and still not get them all!

Last night just before midnight Amanda and I drove up to the top of Plain Hill Road here in Norwich to find a dark place to watch a bit of the meteor shower.  We saw a few but I think we saw more planes; apparently Norwich is directly underneath a very busy flight pattern!

In an unexpected turn of events, Jamie will be flying up this way on Monday rather than after the end of the month as I had expressly desired.  Rather than come here and deal with the whole drama of Amanda's last two weeks before college, she's going to stay with my son and daughter-in-law at their home in Rhode Island until after August 28th.

I am eternally grateful to Mike and Laura for not just taking Jamie in but also for being able to pick her up at the airport in Providence as my ex booked her on a flight without consulting with me first as to my availability to pick her up and she's flying in smack in the middle of my 16-hour shift on Monday.

I could do a lot more mumbling and grumbling about the whole thing but he reads my blog and I've already been accused of bad-mouthing him all the time and telling untruths so I'm not going to say another thing about it other than I hope Jamie has a safe flight, manages to find her connecting flight in Philadelphia, and doesn't get too bored waiting there for 3 hours.  And yes, I'm biting my tongue!

On a completely different note, I'm going to ask all of you for prayers and good thoughts & wishes for my blogging and real-life friend Callie Ann who has been in the hospital for what was supposed to be a short stay but which has turned into a lot longer and a lot more complicated stay.  She originally went in for pneumonia but ended up being put on a ventilator and now her kidneys are failing, too.  Her friends have been keeping us updated on Facebook but it hasn't been good news so far so I'd appreciate if you'd all send up a prayer or a good thought or whatever it is that you do when folks are in need because Callie Ann could use them all.  She's a true nut and a wonderful gal and I'm real worried about her.

My cousin and I had a nice trip over to Newport, Rhode Island yesterday to check out Fort Adams (which I thought had more of a Civil War history but was wrong about).  I've got lots of pictures - as if I didn't! - and will get around to doing a post one of these days once I finish up Baltimore - which may take awhile at the rate I'm going!

That was my first trip to Newport and honestly, I wasn't all that impressed but that's probably because I'm just not into places that are crammed with tourists.  I think if I ever go over again I'd like to do so during the off-season.  I wonder if this means I'm turning into an unsociable curmudgeon?

Tonight I'm planning on being quite sociable as Amanda and I have been invited up to my friend and much-appreciated handyman Andrew's house for a cook-out.  He's doing chicken, squash, and corn on the grill and that sounds delicious!  Amanda doesn't like squash or corn but that's okay - I'll eat her share!  Hmm, I wonder if I can talk him into letting me try one of the Yuengling ales I brought back up from Baltimore for him??

I hope everyone has a nice Saturday wherever you are and whatever you're doing!


  1. Sure was relieved when you posted on FB that your son and dil were picking Jamie up and also, would have her with them for the time being till Amanda gets off to college. Sometimes, our grown kids come through and really surprise us with the way the can and will step up to the plate, don't they? Just really relieved for all of you that this worked out this well.

  2. Thinking of Callie Ann, Linda.

  3. thank goodness for your son! my word, what is the matter with that man? does he not speak english? yeesh.

    as to callie ann, i am praying for her and hoping with all i have that she will fully recover. having had a son on a vent for a week i understand how hard that is on everyone. she is probably not in a coma, but rather on petrosin (sp?), it keeps then just under and they can hear you but are relaxed and not agitated. it's a horrible experience though.

    smiles, bee

  4. I'm so sorry to read about Callie Ann. I will be saying prayers for her.

    That's wonderful your son and DIL are able to help out with Jamie's arrival.

    Hope the cook-out was tons of fun!

  5. U haven't been by for awhile - but love your new format! I cannot tell here if the locomotive belongs to the P&W or not...

    Callie Ann has problems that we don't see as perhaps more serious since we are whining about our 'problems'. Please that she can get better...

    Your girls are part of your life as their individual schedules intersect with yours. You are a deserving mom!

    I like in Newport for what passes as a 'cottage'...

  6. Oh, that Ex of yours is quite a piece of work. I'm amazed how cavalier some parents can be regarding their kids nowadays. It's as though they view them as some sort of possession they no longer care to be bothered with, let alone worry about... Like gum stuck to the bottom of their shoes.

    Honestly, I worry much more about my cats than some parents do about their kids.

    Sorry I didn't get by yesterday, but I did read about Callie Ann yesterday on Jean's FB and have added her to my prayer list... My entire Saturday got turned on its head. ::sigh::

    big hugs :)

  7. I am definitely praying for CAB. She is literally just up the road from me...I want her to be well, so maybe we can meet!

    Your ex continues to puzzle me with his thoughtlessness...wait, we know why he is the EX! Kudos to Mike and DIL. I know it will all work out well. Prayers help!

    Big hugs, honey...


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