Monday, September 27, 2010

Music That Memories Are Made Of

So there I was, minding my own business on a Sunday evening editing a few pictures and listening to the music that's downloaded on my iPhone when the following song came up on shuffle:

No sooner had the first few notes played when all of a sudden I found myself really, really missing Amanda.  Now, that's not to say that this is the first time that I've missed her since she went off to Montserrat but you know how there are just some songs that will bring a lot of memories springing right to the surface?  Yep, that's one of 'em right there for the simple reason that it's the last song that I "stole" from her after hearing it a few times in the car and deciding that I rather liked it!

As much as I love having Jamie living at home with me now, I still miss her older sister from time to time (though I beg of you not to tell her that as I'm supposed to be made of sterner stuff!) and I even miss a lot of the music that she used to play though most of it was from the likes of Ludo, Creature Feature, and a bunch of bands that a lot of people may have never heard of.  After all, she also liked movie soundtracks and I've got both Inception and Sherlock Holmes downloaded on my iPhone, too, along with a host of music from Doctor Who.  I'd like to think the kid takes after me and has good taste in music!  With her gone, I'm a little afraid I'm going to be totally out of touch with new stuff now as Jamie is much more partial to older groups like AC/DC and Nickelback.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you!  Ah well ... she'll just have to get me caught up when she's home for Thanksgiving break!

In the meantime, just in case you're wondering how she's been doing ... I'm guessing that she's loving pretty much every moment of college life as I very rarely hear from my oldest daughter unless she's running low on cash, has a question of some sort, or wants to tell me about the awesome Ludo concert that she went to in Boston or that she found the coolest bookstore in Salem that had the best selection of Gris Grimly books evah!  So good in fact that she spent $20 of her food money on a couple of them and said she wouldn't mind missing a few meals for the cause!  Nice to know that some things never change!

Oh, speaking of change, Amanda has a new roommate and they're like two peas in a pod as you can see from this picture I took when I was up that way a couple weekends ago ...

Amanda & Eli

That's Eli (actually her name is Elizabeth but there are several other Elizabeths in their house so she goes by Eli) and she's from New Hampshire.  Like Amanda she's a freshman and wants to do her concentration in illustration and they have A LOT in common.  They managed to talk their respective roommates into doing a room switch and now share a room on the third floor of the house across from Amanda's original room. They think they even look a little bit alike and I'm inclined to agree!

Amanda & Eli - Comic Book Version

After I took the two of them out to lunch in Gloucester with Jamie and I, they hammed it up a little bit in front of their house before we said our good-byes to head back to Connecticut and they went to go do laundry and homework.  So even though I do miss Amanda from time to time, especially when I hear a song that reminds me of her, I'm very pleased to know that she's doing well at college and has made friends.  It does a Mom's heart good to know that her offspring are happy!


  1. Hooray fopr Amanda and Eli finding each other, and so soon! Even better that they got their roommates to switch! And yes, they rather DO look likes peas in a pod!

    Big hugs :]

  2. Anonymous6:47 AM EDT

    your post put a smile on my face. Being her mom, I'll bet it's such a relief to know that she is happy and safe and is really liking college. I love that pic of the two of them because they both look so darned happy.

  3. My God! They look like twins of a different mother. :) It's great that she made a BFF so fast. That SO helps everything as a freshman...

  4. It's great that Amanda has made a good friend and that they are able to share a room. The fact you don't hear from her much obviously means she's happy there. They do look alike don't they?

  5. I'm glad that Amanda is having such a good time at school. The two of you made a good decision in that.

  6. I'm glad things are going well with Amanda. Sometimes they get so very homesick. Glad that's not happening. Having a great friend helps too.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  7. Now those are happy photos that warm a mom's heart for sure. I'm so glad these two gals found each other. I know they'll have a fine time together. No matter how old they get, your kids are still your kids.

    Big hugs, honey...

  8. oh my i am so happy amanda is adjusting so well!

    smiles, bee

  9. Yes you will continue to miss her, but that is what a parent is about isn't it?

    But it sounds like she is doing very well.

  10. That's terrific that she's making friends and having a great time. And of course you miss her!

  11. sad songs they say sooo much....

  12. The roommate disaster of freshman year was really tough for me. I am so happy for Amanda that she has found a good friend and now a good roommate!

    That will ease any homesick feelings. ;-)

    I do understand the missing her part. The time will fly and soon it will be Thanksgiving!

  13. We never stop worrying or missing our kids but it's half the battle when at least you know that they're happy and enjoying life:-) I think the two girls do look alike and how fun for them to be roommates now!! I'm really glad to hear that she's doing so well. xoxo


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