Saturday, September 4, 2010

"The Sky is Falling! The Sky is Falling!" Oh ... Wait ... Never Mind ...

Point Judith LighthouseSeems like the meteorologists here in Connecticut are about as good at forecasting bad weather from hurricanes as they are from potential winter Nor'easters ... in other words, yesterday's weather from Hurricane Earl turned out to be pretty much another dodged bullet and not at all what they had been calling for.  There really was no need for schools to close early or doctor's offices to rush their patients through so that they, too, could close early or for everyone and their brother to stampede the local Stop & Shop in search of those popular storm foods - bread and milk.  Nope ... turned out to be just another rain storm pretty much like any other.

Still, there was the potential for some excellent storm surge over on the coast so Jamie and I decided to venture over to Point Judith in Rhode Island to try to get some pictures of the ocean.  Or should I say that I decided to head over to Rhode Island and when I proposed the idea to Jamie, she decided that it sounded like a better way to spend the day then cooped up in the house!

As we made our way over to Narragansett via Route 138, the rain couldn't seem to make up its mind as it would be coming down so hard one moment that you could barely see the road in front of you and the next moment, there was nary a drop.  At least the forecasters had gotten the "patchy rain" part of the forecast correct!

When we got over to Point Judith it was apparent that we weren't the only ones that had decided to take a ride out to look at the surf as there was barely a place to park and the outlook next to the Coast Guard Station was packed with people doing exactly what we were doing.

People at Point Judith

As you can see, the lighting was - of course - absolutely horrible so none of the pictures that I got of the 7 to 10 foot waves really came out all that well at all but I guess we were fortunate that it didn't start pouring down more rain before I managed to get the few lousy shots that I did.

Surf at Point Judith

Normally any time I've been out at Point Judith there are quite a few surfers in the water but yesterday there was only fool brave soul who was out there trying to take advantage of the big water.  There were quite a few others milling around in the parking lot with their surf suits on and boards still in their vehicles so perhaps they were still trying to decide whether it was worth it to go out in the rougher water or not.

Contemplating the surf
This photo was actually taken by Jamie while I took some video with my iPhone - nice job!
Even though you can't tell from this picture of Jamie who had decided to put her hair up with more glue than most kindergarten students use on their first art project, it was actually quite breezy standing by the ocean though not the horrendous winds that one would expect from a hurricane passing close by.

Jamie & the Surf

So ... even though the pictures didn't come out all that well and even though the big storm was pretty much a bust by most people's standards it still wasn't a wasted trip out to Rhode Island because just up the road from Point Judith is a place where you can get some of the best clamcakes, chowdah, and doughboys around ...

Iggy's - Point Judith

Trust me, a trip to Iggy's is worth the drive in any weather and fortunately the cries of "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!" from the local weathermen weren't enough for them to close for the day.  Had that been the case, I really would have been disappointed!

Just as a note, I do want to say that I am very glad that Hurricane Earl was not the storm that it could have been as Class 4 hurricanes are nothing to sneeze at and New England has seen more than enough damage in the past from storms that have hit us.  However, I just don't understand all of the overkill by forecasters and local officials with their predictions.  You would think with all of their fancy-dancy Doppler equipment and such that they could be a bit more accurate.  I fear that if they continue to "cry wolf" too often, there is eventually going to come a time when people are so used to forecasters being wrong and going about their daily business that it's going to be really, really bad when a major storm really does hit.


  1. After living in Florida for 31 years, my rule of thumb was always be prepared for the worst. If it didn't happen, no big deal. If it did happen, I wasn't sorry I had prepared. You would never have come to my house when I did not have batteries, water, canned goods, pet food, gas for the generator, a near-full tank of gas and cash. Never. That way I never had to be the one running out hollering "the sky is falling". (Actually, I have all that stuff NOW! Old habits die hard!)

    A few years back we had 4 huge storms within 2 months. I never unpacked my photos from plastic zip-locks that year!

    That fried dough sure did look yummy!

    Big hugs :]

  2. As always, your pictures are just great... it was the weather that didn't cooperate, not you or the camera. Sorry I've been away for so long. I am trying to re-establish a routine (and mindset) that will get me blogging again.

    Hugs from the warm, sunny west coast...

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM EDT

    It was windy but Jamies hair was still standing! Beautiful photographs, Linda. I especially love the one of the surfer looking out at the water.

  4. yes, you were very lucky with that one. they always hype them for ratings. buggers.

    smiles, bee

  5. Gasp! The weatherman was wrong???? Imagine that! hehe I really get a kick of how they just hype it up so much at times and yet we get nothing. We're getting winds and rain today so I'm guessing we're feeling a bit of Earl over here but it's nothing major at all. They keep saying we're supposed to have severe thunderstorms but it always seems to bypass us.

    You may not think your pictures turned out but I think they're all fabulous. Look at those waves!! Good Lord, are people actually crazy enough to go surfing in weather like that?! Idiots for sure. Glad you at least made the trip worthwhile by going to Iggy's! hehe Would you believe I've never had chowder, clams or doughboys? I'm telling ya, I'm sooooo deprived!! :-) xoxo

  6. be ready, you never know when they will get it right.

  7. The weathermen may have cried 'wolf' too many times! We are pretty much always prepared with a plan A, B, and C!

    Except when the moho engine breaks. No NH for us:( But we do have a plan...

    Big hugs, honey...

  8. I was glad Earl turned out to be a big Zero of a storm. We barely got any rain over in this part of the state.

    A smattering of rain, I'd say.

    I really like your pix of the surf! And Jamie did a great job with the photo of the surfer.

    I'd love to try Iggy's chowdah. I love chowdah.

    Were you in Connecticut in September 1985?

    Gloria was a pretty bad hurricane here. Lost power and all.


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