Friday, November 5, 2010

Five on Friday - The Bluegrass Version

This week's Five on Friday is dedicated to the concert that I attended this past Wednesday night with my cousin in Lexington, Massachusetts by a bluegrass group called "Hot Rize".  I saw this group years ago with the same cousin a long, long, long time ago in Nashua, New Hampshire as well as at the first and only bluegrass festival that I ever attended in New York State back in 1990 - I think it was - called the Winterhawk Bluegrass Festival.  If I remember correctly it rained most of the weekend and there was a lot of picking and strumming and echoing of that high lonesome sound that makes up 98% of all bluegrass music into the early morning hours but I'm pretty sure that I had a good time and I know that I enjoyed whatever time "Hot Rize" was on the stage.  I don't listen to much bluegrass, to be perfectly honest, but these guys I like!

I'm sure I'll be doing a post on the actual concert somewhere down the line here but in the meantime, I ventured over to YouTube in an attempt to at least find five halfway decent videos that didn't have audio problems!  As you can guess, bluegrass bands generally don't make music videos so you have to rely on fan-based clips and unfortunately, quality can be an issue.  And, of course, was pretty much useless this week.

Anyhow, enjoy - hopefully! - and don't forget to pop by Trav's Thoughts and check out the rest of the links for the folks who participate in Five on Friday!


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM EDT

    wow, I've never gone to a bluegrass concert but that really looks like a fun time. A time of letting your hair down and just enjoying yourself.

    Have a great weekend, Linda.

  2. I'm not much of a bluegrass fan but I did enjoy the strummin'
    and they do a wonderful harmony together

    the last video won't play
    says it's private and I need to respond to your friend request - but I thought we were friends!! doesn't it know that ;)

  3. I enjoy a good bluegrass set every now and then, especially ones that feature more playing and less singing. Like Shady Grove - my favorite this week. There's so much for the instruments to say when they're talking to each other.

  4. I like Bluegrass music and thankfully I can listen to your selection this week as it's on Youtube. :)

  5. I love bluegrass music. Awesome.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  6. I love bluegrass. I grew up listening to tons of it! Did you know my grandfather picked a banjo? Uh-yup. My SisterDear Janice use to play it, before she had 4 hooligans that sucked up all of her time. In fact, she use to own a music store and taught lessons. Janice has my grandfather's banjo now, stuck way back in a dark closet somewhere. She also use to play guitar, drums and she pretends that she can play piano whenever we're gathered at Lynda and Rick's for music night! hahahaha!

    You just can't help but sway, roll your head from side to side and tap your feet when you listen to bluegrass. Most excellent.

    Big hugs :]

  7. Toe tappin' good stuff!

    Big hugs, honey...

  8. Bluegrass just naturally gets you on your feet and bouncing around. Totally fun set

  9. I'm not much of a bluegrass fan, but I did enjoy these. Thanks!


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