Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to You; Happy Birthday to My Dad

I'm not sure what the mathematical equation is to figure out how often Thanksgiving falls on a particular date but I know that there were times when Thanksgiving would fall on the same day as my Dad's birthday - this year would have been one of them were my Dad still with us. Unfortunately, he's not but that doesn't keep him from being remembered not just this year but every year when November 25th rolls around.

So on what would have been my father's 76th birthday, I wish you all the happiest of Thanksgiving Days here in the United States as you gather with family and friends and celebrate the blessings of the past year as we hurtle rapidly towards a new year. Ferris Bueller wasn't kidding when he said, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." ... Don't miss it!

Wedding Day 1991
Dad & I - August 1991


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad. I know you miss him terribly.

    Tomorrow is Mr. Ex's birthday - however I am definitely not sending him a birthday card - but Thanksgiving fell on his birthday about every 4 years.

    And although I know you'll be sitting is dispatch, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

    Big Hugs, my friend :]

  2. have a great day linda, and happy turkey/birthday to your dad.

  3. Anonymous7:49 AM EST

    Happy Thanksgiving Linda and happy birthday to your dad!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Dad Linda. That photo of you two is just beautiful.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. You will always feel his loss, but will enjoy many warm memories.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the girls. Big hugs, honey...

  6. Happy Birthday to your dad. Mine is gone too. They sometimes just don't stay around long enough.

    Have a very happy 16 hours shift and happy Thanksgiving too. Big hug. :)

  7. Happy Thanksgiving dear Linda! I do hope you had an awesome day and ate lots of turkey!! lol Happy Birthday to your dad up there in heaven:-) With my birthday being Oct. 13th and our Thanksgiving being on the second Monday in October, my birthday has also often fallen on Thanksgiving Day. Love that picture of you and your dad!! xoxo

  8. oh look how pretty you are honey... i can't say more right now.

    hugs, bee

  9. Beautiful bride...I bet your dad was proud as punch to have you on his arm. Happy Birthday, Linda's dad...

  10. Anonymous2:55 PM EDT

    Happy b-day to your dear father. I worked out the equation for Thanksgiving birthdays. The pattern is 6,5,6,11. The next time Thanksgiving will fall on the 25th is in the year 2021. Then 2027, 2032, 2038, 2049, 2055...and so on.


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