Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Stuff

It's been a weekend of ups and downs for some reason - I think I'm getting a case of the holiday hormones a little early or something!

On a good note, though, Amanda and Jamie have managed to get along quite well this weekend with glowing reports from friends Jason & Amy whom they spent Thanksgiving with. Perhaps we've turned a corner? Oh please say yes!

Took Amanda to see the latest "Harry Potter" movie yesterday and even though I've not read the books (yes, there are a few of us out there!) I quite enjoyed it. It's definitely NOT a kid's movie, though.  I was thinking this morning that those kids who started reading the series when the first book came out grew up right along with the characters and are now Amanda's age and such so they can handle it but younger kids?  I don't think it's the best choice for them.

Oh, and yes, Amanda cried a bit at the end ... I disguised my weepy eyes by slurping up the last of the soda! Hey, that stuff is expensive!

I've got to haul Amanda back up to college a little later on today and I'm hoping that there isn't a whole lot of holiday traffic. Boston traffic is bad enough as it is!

I'm still debating the whole Christmas tree thing this year what with Tesla being the type of cat that gets into everything.  I can only imagine that having a full-size tree in the living room would be an open invitation for him to climb it and knock things down.  Amanda says that I have to have a full-size tree and it has to be live but I just don't know.  That cat gets into all sorts of trouble once Jamie and I go to bed already!  Decisions, decisions!

I made a friend at work a pineapple rum layer cake the other day that he tells me was quite delicious.  Today he's making me cookies from his grandmother's recipe that I'll get at work tomorrow.  Sounds like a fair exchange!

Oh, and may I just say that it's been too cold already this year for my liking!  I forgot how hard it is to heat this brick house I live in but we've really enjoyed some nice roaring fires the past few nights.  I love having a fireplace that works!  Now I just need someone to sit in front of it and sip some wine with from time to time!

Hope everyone has a lovely end-of-the-Thanksgiving-weekend Sunday no matter what it finds you doing!


  1. well it looks like the girls are growing up! yay for them, and you!

    smiles, bee

  2. I was also happy to read that your daughters are getting along better. Good new!

    Sorry that your holiday hormones have kicked in.

    I have been stressed out in recent weeks over a number of things but keep reminding myself to count my blessings.

    Good luck with the horrible Boston traffic.

  3. * Good news I meant to write!

  4. I've vnever read or seen any Potter stuff butb have heard the later films are darker.

  5. I'm glad the girls are playing nice:) Age does wonders...and eventually helps with those hormones, too.

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. Yay for both girls behaving more grown up. For all of you!

    I watched a bunch of sappy Christmas movies yesterday and got a bit weepy myself... and I didn't have any expensive soda to blame!

    Safe drive to Beverly and back. Big hugs :]

  7. I'm glad the girls are getting along so well. They will become the best of friends down the road. They don't know that yet though.

    I've not read or seen any of the Harry Potter stuff. Oh well.

    Have a terrific day Linda. In three months we'll be cruising. I'm so ready for that. Big hug. :)

  8. I have trouble getting into the HP movies, but I love the books! Friday I decided to watch the 6th movie but ended up turning it off-and instead went to the attic to locate the books!

  9. Mr Tucker is already showing his annoyance at the holiday decorations we've got out this weekend. I keep telling him that on Monday they'll be gone to work with us. He does not like them, not one little bit.

    About all he's been able to accept are the lights we hung from the curtain rods, Pam's Santa Bear, and our stockings.

    I think he likes the stockings because his smells like nip.

  10. I grew up with the Potter books. :-)
    At least that's how I felt with all those half my size witches and warlocks waiting for the first day midnight release of the book that had been bought in advance. The very last book was me standing on the sidewalk waiting for the postman so that I could stay up all night to finish the story.

    Of course we were at the theater last week for the first day. It was a good intro to what will undoubtedly be a fantastic final movie.

  11. Siblings do get on better as they get older, sounds like they're growing up. :)


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