Saturday, December 4, 2010

Good Intentions. I Had 'Em!

Fooling Around with Picnik

Ya know those things called "good intentions"?  I had 'em, I really did!  I was going to continue my posts through Maine so that I could finally get them wrapped up but alas, life got in the way again and the only thing you're going to get from Maine today is that one picture above that I fooled around with on Picnik.  It really IS a lighthouse in Maine and I bet someone could even tell me which one it is but for now, I'm going to leave it at that!

Today I'm off to the Land of Tax Free Shopping otherwise known as New Hampshire with my cousin Amy, my youngest brother John, and his wife Ann.  Long ago, we had an annual tradition where we'd head up to Portsmouth for a day of shopping and seafood at Newick's in Newington but it's been quite a few years since we've made the trip.  I thought it would be nice to do it again this year and everyone else was up for it so off we're going.  As much as I hate to shop, it's a necessary evil this time of year and not so bad when I can combine it with a good time with some family members.

Speaking of family members, we're going to drop Jamie off at her cousins' house in Shirley on our way through Massachusetts.  Considering that she hadn't had the chance to see them too much while she was off living in Kentucky and Florida, I think it's nice when she can get the time to spend with them now - especially considering they're very close in years. I've got to think it beats the heck out of spending yet another day in front of the portable heater in her room, too!  Boy, if she thinks it's cold now wait until she gets a hold of January!  Hopefully her thin Florida blood will have thickened up some by then but I don't know ...

Rumor has it there may be some snow coming through later tonight though I'm hoping it's just a rumor.  Norwich is holding their annual Christmas Parade at 1:00 on Sunday and being that I'm not working, I was hoping to maybe get over there and take some pictures.  I could do it in the snow but truth be told, I'd really rather not!  Still, I suppose that the fluffy white stuff would add a more realistic feel to a Christmas parade, wouldn't it?  As long as it doesn't rain all should be good.  Hopefully!

Anyhow, I'll see what I can do about those good intentions I had another day but for now I'm going to go contribute to the nation's economy and hopefully have a good time in the process.  I hope that whatever you're up to today, a good time is in store for you, too - good intentions or not!


  1. Anonymous7:05 AM EST

    Portsmouth is such a pretty town! Oh how I miss that area. Enjoy your traditional time and the yummy seafood.

    we have a dusting of snow on the ground and more coming.

  2. poor jamie, sitting in front of a portable heater, i can relate....

  3. I hate shopping, but spending the day with family sounds fun!

    Just saw your comment on Facebook! Of course you made the cut, silly woman! :]

    I have a new email and a new blog. I've explained on the blog. Stick a fork in the old one. It is officially DONE. Click on my name to find the new blog!

    Have a lovely day! Big hugs :]

  4. What schedule? We don't have them i blogworld. Glad you are taking the day off for some fun, because that means MORE PHOTOS!!! and Jamie both. Big hugs, honey...

  5. They wouldn't have a Christmas Parade over here in Britain as it would offend minorities.

  6. oh my gosh! every time i open your blog it is more beautiful! and the shopping? relax, they all want cash anyway!

    smiles, bee

  7. I feel for Jamie. This Jamie still isn't all that fond of wind chill so she has my sympathy. Enjoy the shopping.


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