Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Brief Musical Interlude

I'm in a funk ... A blogging funk so I got nuthin' except maybe for some good music:


  1. Sorry about your funky, but I do love me some JT!

    Guess what, dear friend? 38 days to our cruise!

    I may or may not have bought a nautical-ish short-sleeved top to go with capris for sitting by the pool on a lovely sea day. With a cool beverage, of course.

    Big hugs :D

  2. Anonymous7:55 AM EST

    ain't it good to know you've got a friend....

  3. Sorry you're in a funk Linda but you've lots of friends here. x

  4. You've got a friend...lots of 'em! Love me some JT, oh yes! And love the countdown...38! Woohoo!!! That ought to raise your spirits a bit:)

    Big hugs, honey...

  5. Start thinking about 38 days until our cruise and that should cheer you up.

    Have you got all your clothes together?

    Have you copies your luggage tags.

    Do you have your itinerary all printed out so you can put it in each piece of your luggage.

    Is your passport in order? You've got stuff, but

    I'm guessing you had most of this done long ago.

    Have a terrific day Linda. Big hug. :)

  6. Linda, wordless? That can't possibly be true. However, if you're gonna substitute music for writing, I can't think of anything better than the artist and the piece chosen. "You've Got a Friend" -good selection on your part!

  7. nice, now get outta de funk, you've gotta friend.

  8. A great've got lots of friends, Linda

  9. Don't be down cause you have more people that care about you than you realize :)

  10. James Taylor is excellent as a deep blue funk soundtrack. He's been there and came out the other side well and serene.

    Hope your outlook improves soon.

  11. It is so funny that when I clicked on this "You've got a Friend" was playing on my iPod. Great tune!

  12. I so love this song :)


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