Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's Going to Be One of "Those" Winters

As I was heading into work early yesterday morning via ambulance transport - not to worry, I was in the passenger seat! - myself and the the two EMTs who had ventured out into the nasty weather to bring me into work were discussing when the last time we'd had a major winter storm like the one we were in the midst of.  We decided that it was around Christmastime in 2002 as best we could all recollect but there was no doubt about it, we were having ourselves a doozie of a storm and we all came to the conclusion that we were going to be having one of "those" winters as this was the third time in less than a week that we were receiving a decent amount of snow.  Granted, yesterday's close-to-two feet of snow made the weekend's 8 to 10 inches pale in comparison but still ... snow three times in one week?  And they're predicting another storm this Sunday and possibly again on Tuesday or Wednesday of the next week.  Oy!

Anyhow, even though I was only supposed to work eight hours yesterday, I ended up staying for a little over 16 hours as one of the other dispatchers couldn't make it in and as I'm a fool dedicated employee, I offered to stay to cover for her.  After all, I was already there so why not just stay?  It wasn't a hideously busy day as obviously all doctors' offices were closed and hospitals weren't trying too hard to send people back to their respective nursing homes and such in the middle of a storm but 911 is still 911 regardless of the weather so we had a fair share of emergencies ... sort of.

I had brought my camera to work with me as Callie likes it when I take pictures from the window in dispatch so I've got two here plus one more over on Picturing A Moment in Time:

A View From Dispatch

The picture above is the view from our window in dispatch probably around noon or so.  We overlook American Wharf Marina and the Norwich Police Department is just a bit to the right of us so you can see the entrance to their lower parking lot.  I think buses were running but if not, that guy at the bus stop was going to be waiting awhile!  I had to vignette this one as trying to take a picture through a window of a lot of white snow is a lot trickier than one might think!  Without the vignette, the picture just kind of fades away.

A View to the North

This picture was taken from a different area of the building and looks towards the north.  That big snow-covered brick building is Christ Church and just to the other side of it is a big house that has been turned into apartments that had a roof collapse from the weight of the snow.  You can read about that here if you're so inclined.  I sent a couple ambulances over to stand by so that the displaced residents had someplace warm to wait until the Red Cross was able to find them shelter and then we gave a few of them a ride to that location.  Fortunately no one was hurt but there are ten people without homes now.

Anyway, speaking of dispatch, it's about time for me to head back over there and work today's shift.  Normally I'm there for 16 hours on Thursdays but my boss offered to cover for me for awhile this morning so that I could recover from yesterday's 16+-hours and sleep in a little later.  I very happily said "yes" and "thank you" to his generous offer as even though the money is nice, I'm getting a little too old to do double-doubles with only eight hours in between - as painful as that it is for me to admit!  Thanks again, Matt!

Oh, and may I just say to all of the paramedics, EMTs, my fellow dispatchers, and the handful of other folks who battled the storm and made it into work yesterday - you all rock and I'm proud to say I work with you!


  1. I heard about New England getting blasted and wondered how you would get into work. Stay safe and the same to all your EMTs

  2. You are always pulling those 16 hour shifts. I just hated them. I could do a 12 hour shift every day, but the 16 hour ones took a big toll on me.

    Next month we'll be sailing the Caribbean. Just saying.

    Have a terrific day and stay warm. Big hug.

  3. Glad you were safe and warm inside, try and get some rest

  4. Love, love the view, but there is water there, so I would naturally love it. Don't love those 16 hr days. Even though I don't live in your area, I'm grateful for you and ALL dedicated 911 folks everywhere. Y'all keep us safe.

    Sending big hugs, honey...

  5. Anonymous12:15 PM EST

    I remember driving by that marina... I'm glad you have a nice boss who helped yo9u out. Makes a difference, eh?

    Keep it going. YOu've got time off this weekend. Right?

  6. Snowstorms like that used to happen here 2 or 3 times a week all through the winter months but the last few years we're lucky to even have enough snow to cover the ground and places that don't usually get much snow are getting tons of it. Here in my area, we've only had one snowfall and that was at the start of Dec. Not normal at all! lol Skiers and snowmachine enthusiasts are not too pleased at all, as you can imagine. Love the pictures you took, the snow sure looks pretty:-)

    How sad about those 10 individuals being without a place to live after the roof of their apartment building collapsed. Thank God for people like you and your co-workers who made sure they were warm and safe until more help arrived!! xoxo

  7. You all deserve a pat on the back and a round of applause for your dedication.

    I get worried when you get a lot of snow over there because it's a sure thing we'll get it about six weeks later :0

  8. this time you guys got it worse than us
    we only got about 10 inches
    funny how that seemed like so little after the last storm

    love the photos

  9. Even in a blizzard, New England is pretty. Sorry about those loooong hours. Nice to be chauffeured to work in those driving conditions though.

    And what Sandee said. In a month and a half we'll be cruising the Caribbean. I believe I am more excited now than I was in the very beginning... about 200 days ago if I remember correctly!

    Stay warm and make sure you get some rest! Big hugs :]

  10. Yesterday I was just thinking to myself about how the last two winters have been really snowy, compared to other years. When I was a kid I would have LOVED all this snow but now its just a hassle.

  11. Glad no one was hurt in the roof collapse. I would def. have to agree that it is going to be one of those winters. Though, round here we seem to be dodging the brunt of most storms. That just makes me think we're due a whopper soon enough. Have a great couple of days off, you've def. earned them.

  12. oh noooooo! snow! brrrrr.......

    smiles, bee


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