Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cruising Conversation and a Campus Update

Cruise DocumentsWe're into the teens now on our cruise countdown and the reality of the whole thing is finally starting to sink in a little bit especially now that I've printed out my boarding pass and luggage tags. I don't want to say that I'm getting excited about it just yet as I don't want to become horribly obsessive and annoying and drive everyone crazy with my incessant talk about my upcoming cruise but dang ... we are getting CLOSE!

Of course, not quite close enough for me to really do anything other than look at my suitcase and think "darn, I really have nothing to wear on a cruise!"  To be honest, it's hard to think about tropical attire when one is in the midst of one of the snowiest winters ever and layers are the standard dress before venturing outside.  Short sleeves, crop pants, and summer footwear are just kind of hard to wrap my head around these days!  Soon, though ... honest!

For those who asked for an update on Amanda's situation at Montserrat ... I had an email from the Director of Residency yesterday in response to mine to him and he advised me that he met with Amanda and her roommate both yesterday and that they are working out a resolution.  He also told me that they do not tolerate bullying at the college - which I assumed was their position - and that it is being handled accordingly.  I spoke to Amanda and she seemed greatly relieved that the wheels have been put into motion for her to move to another house; it just may take some time due to logistics and all that sort of thing.  Add on the fact that moving her stuff from one house to another around two-foot high snowpiles is going to be downright tricky.  I'm hoping a trip to Beverly won't be necessary to assist but if it is, I'll do it as that's what we parents do.

In the meantime, Amanda is still staying at Juli's in Salem and from the sounds of it, loving every minute that she's there.  Apparently Juli has "a really cool house, her husband is the funniest man she's met in a long time, Juli is wonderful, and the dogs are adorable".   I am so incredibly glad that she had a safe place to land during all of this and will forever be grateful to Juli.  She has a wonderful philosophy on life that she learned from her mother that I think more of us need to adopt which (quoted from a Facebook message) is:
"What goes around comes around. Mom always said so. I like what I put out in the world to be kindness, so that hopefully when things come my way, there will be that same thing coming back to me. It has worked that way so far, so I'm sticking with it!!"
Juli's mom was a very wise woman and I've got no doubt she'd be very, very proud of her daughter for putting into practice what she taught her.  I know I'm thankful the lesson stuck and I've got no doubt that good things will be coming Juli's way!

In spite of the turmoil that all of this has caused, I'm really hoping that Amanda learns a few things from all of this like being able to stand up for herself and not let people push her around and that there are some truly wonderful people in the world who will be there for you when you need it.  A big thank you to all of my friends who offered encouragement and support; it's very nice to know you're there for us!

So ... who wants to get together sometime and do a tour of Salem with me?  I know a great historic hotel we can stay at with really comfortable beds, newly renovated bathrooms, great restaurants, and the finest General Manager to be found!


  1. Juli rocks! Wish I could join u for a tour...some day! Glad life is happier and safe for Amanda. Kid worries are hellish for parents.

    Loving the thoughts of the cruise. Soon. Smiles.

    Big hugs honey

  2. Juli is a remarkably kind and generous woman. The world needs more like her. I'm hoping Amanda will pick up a few of the finer points from this lesson, too. It will serve her well throughout all of her life. There is much more to an education than they can teach in a college course. :D

    Caribbean rhythms... I hear them... ahhhh... I need to get out some of my reggae music! It will make for a delightful prelude, wouldn't you agree?

    Big hugs :]

  3. Why is the bully not moving? I've missed this part of Amanda's bullying issue so I'm not sure what happened. Why does Amanda have to move and not the bully. Just doesn't seem right.

    Yes we are getting very close to our cruise. I. Can't. Wait.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  4. Crap... my comment went poof.

    Oh well. It said something like, glad Juli was there. Wish Amanda didn't have to deal with the move, like Sandee said it should be the bully.

  5. what Sandee sail, the bully should move!

    smiles, bee

  6. Juli's mother is so right. Never worry about what is "owed" to you but rather what you owe others. You are not responsible for the way others act, only the way you act.

  7. Well that sounds like there will be a satisfactory resolution to the housing situation. It sucks to have to move as the person being bullied, but such seems to be the way of things.

  8. You have every right to be excited about the cruise - I know I was last year when I went on one.

    I'm so glad to hear Amanda's problem is being sorted out. I hate bullying of any description and it's true to say that most bullys are cowards who will back down if confronted.

  9. Anonymous9:42 AM EST

    Wooo hoo! the cruise is coming SOON!

    Surely Amanda can locate some handsome strapping boys to help her move... Maybe sending some pizza money for moving help will do.

  10. I love Lois and her comments! Good looking guys and pizza. Oh, yeah.....
    Juli needs the "Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed" award! Or something like that. I'm so glad to hear that Amanda's doing better. Barb made a lot of good points, too.
    Thinking of Christopher Cross and "Sail Away..."
    Boy, I wish we were going to go with you all. I would really like a chance to hug your neck and have a margarita!


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