Monday, February 21, 2011

Five on Friday Explained

Even though I had originally said that I was going to do it on Tuesday, today I'm going to explain to you how my mind ran from one song to another in my latest Five on Friday post - "The Five Degrees of Musical Progression" Version. If you find it to be confusing don't worry - I got kind of lost in there myself from time to time but it all made sense in the end!

1. Tearing Up My Heart by N'Sync is a song that Jamie has 'rediscovered' recently and has added to her iTouch for constant playing in the car. She likes to say that the song is a controversy and to a certain extent I guess it is! The song features a very young Justin Timberlake, one of the original members of N'Sync, who went on to a very successful solo career which led me to the next song.

2. 4 Minutes by Madonna features a definitely older Justin Timberlake and Timbaland. The song features distinct rhythms known as Bhaṅgṛā beats that originate from the Punjab region which is a geographical area straddling the border between Pakistan and India. The instrumentation for those beats includes brass, foghorns and cow bells - the latter which inspired my second leap.

3. (Don't Fear) the Reaper by Blue Öyster Cult was featured in a Saturday Night Live spoof of "Behind the Music" which features a recording session of the song by the band - as played by SNL actors, of course! Actor Christopher Walken appeared in the sketch as fictitious record producer Bruce Dickinson who keeps interrupting the recording session to make passionate and slightly unhinged speeches to the band and is obsessed with getting "more cowbell" into the song which is then happily provided by Will Ferrell's character. If anyone tells you "Gotta have more cowbell" you know exactly what they're talking about!

4.  Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim has a music video that features a very impressive dance performance by Christopher Walken.  Shot over the course of two days at the Marriot Hotel in Los Angeles, the video features Walken dancing and flying around the lobby and won six MTV awards before winning Best Video of All Time in 2002.  Walken helped choreograph the dance for the video which was directed by Spike Jonez which took me to my last musical leap.

I can't post the video as embedding is not allowed
but if you'd like to see it, click here and watch Christopher Walken make some pretty impressive moves!

5.  In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel is the song that's playing on the boom box that Lloyd Dobler is holding over his head while trying to convince Diane Court that he loves her in the movie Say Anything. Lloyd Dobler is played by John Cusack - one of my very favorite actors - who also plays the character of Craig Schwartz in Being John Malkovich which was directed by ... tada! ... Spike Jonez.

And there you have it ... my five stages of musical progression! Fellow FOFer Julia got very close to accurately guessing which musical path my mind followed which is very impressive as I wasn't sure where it was going myself at times! I'd like to thank Travis for not only hosting the Five on Friday meme but for also giving me the chance to have some fun with this set. We'll definitely have to do this again sometime!


  1. That was actually really good. I love degrees of separation even though I'm usually CRAP at figuring them out. With this one, I only got the Justin Timberlake connection before I got lost.

  2. ummmm... OK. I totally flunked. I'll have some music loaded into the CD changer for our drive to WPB.... but there won't be any tests. I wish I had The Beach Boy's Kokomo on CD... such awesome tropical song. :D

  3. Clever!

    PS I do love your new look blog Linda. :)

  4. I'm CRAP at figuring out any kind of music. Too old to care I suppose. It happens.

    Have a terrific day and I'll see you next Sunday. I like the sound of that. Hugs. :)

  5. Amazing! I couldn't do anything like that.

  6. None of that looked familiar. I guess I am too old. Now the Beach Boys, oh yes, bring'em on!

    See ya Saturday. Big hugs, honey...

  7. It makes perfect sense when you lay it out. We'll definitely do this again. It's fun!

  8. Love the mention of the Walken video. Of course the Jackman Lipton commercial was a direct take off on it.


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