Friday, February 4, 2011

Five on Friday - The "Pass the Tissues Please" Version

Earlier in the week I had what I thought was a really good idea for today's Five on Friday meme but because I didn't write it down or put it in as a note on my iPhone I have completely forgotten what that really good idea was!  I'm hoping it cycles back around through my brain again and that I have the sense to write it down when it does but in the meantime I managed to come up with another idea for this week's set.  Well ... of course I did or you wouldn't be reading this, right?

I'm not really sure what prompted this week's set other than occasionally I enjoy a good sad song - even when I've got nothing to be sad about!  I'm pretty sure that I don't have anything to be sad about as I am pointedly ignoring that upcoming day when other people get flowers and chocolates and jewelry and the like and I'll be leaving for a 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise in just three short weeks so there's really nothing to be sad about, right?  Well, other than that I haven't even thought about what I'm packing for said cruise and it's going to be one of those last-minute AUGH! kind of things and that makes me sad because I'm a Virgo and I used to be so much better organized!  

Ah well, whatever the reason, enjoy these five songs and should you like to enjoy other music from Five on Friday then be sure to head on over to Trav's Thoughts and check out the other links.  Better yet, why not join in one of these Fridays?  We'd love to see you participate and listen to some of your favorite music, too!

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  1. I don't remember the Madonna selection. I must have been busy that year. ;-)

    Toni Braxton wins this one. That is one sad tune.

  2. Oh, I do love me a good tear-jerker!

    Well, I've heard Here I am and Unbreak My Heart... but I don't think I've even heard of Ambrosia, I don't listen to Backstreet Boys and I don't remember the Madonna song at all, not that I'm much of a Madonna listener either.

    3 weeks! woohoo!

    Big hugs :]

  3. Anonymous11:02 AM EST

    don't you just hate that--fleeting ideas? I need to carry a post it note pad around my neck for that very reason. Lovely song choices--love the Madonna song. Great weekend to you, Linda.

  4. You are so going to love that cruise Linda - get packing! ;)

  5. Great group of tear jerkers and ahead of you: Just think a cruise, you, and the purser doing the cha cha.

  6. nothing like a song or a movie to sob too.

  7. Love them all Linda.

    You need to get your clothes sorted out pretty soon. Just saying. My sister keeps saying that if she was going on this cruise she would be packed and sitting by the front door waiting to leave. I laughed out loud. I'm going to wait for the last couple of days to do this.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  8. I really wish I was going on that blog cruise, Linda

  9. There's certainly nothing wrong with a good sad song. Some of the prettiest music is sad. that takes me back.

  10. I totally remember the Madonna one - and it's my favorite this week!


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