Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm On a Boat ...

Oh relax ... it's the "clean" version and if I didn't post this while out on my first-ever cruise, I get the feeling my daughters would be rather surprised! Besides, in just a couple of hours I will be on a boat ... well, a very large ship actually but close enough!

Even though I finally did decide to bring my laptop along, I am not planning on doing any blogging for the duration of my cruise so you all get a break from my pithy ramblings for awhile. That is unless I decide to do a mobile post from either San Juan or St. Thomas were I have free 3G on my iPhone. Who knows? Maybe I'll just upload a picture of a beautiful blue-green sea because I can!

Everyone have a grand week and do try to stay out of trouble while I'm gone, okay?!? Oh, and just a reminder to the Mother Nature, I'd like all of that nasty winter weather you've been dumping on us in New England done with before I return. Thank you!


  1. No pithy ramblings? Darn.

    Yes, a photo of that blue-green water would be nice.

    Bon Voyage!

  2. I for one will miss your ramblings Linda. x

    Take lots of photos and make copious notes of what you get up to. Say Hi to Bee for me.

  3. Is the captain cute? Are there any cute male waiters? Are there any single cute guys on the cruise??? Enquiring minds want to know! lol Enjoy every minute of your cruise, dear Linda, and know that I'm green with envy since I'm stuck in this snowy cold weather!!!! Feel sorry for me yet? Thought not! hehe xoxo

  4. Have a woinderful time. Relax because no one can bother you way out there in the midle of the sea.

  5. Can't expect you to blog about your adventures when you are out looking for adventures worth blogging about. ENJOY!!!


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