Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Stuff

Hanging out on a Friday nightHere I am in the midst of three days off and even though I've got lots of things to do, I've got about zero ambition to do them.  Kind of like Tesla here as he hung out next to me on the loveseat last night while we caught up on DVR'd episodes of "The Good Wife" and "The Defenders". Have I ever mentioned that I really like legal shows?

I've made some minor strides towards getting my stuff together for my rapidly upcoming cruise including buying a few new warmer weather duds and even - gasp! - ordering a pair of sandals on-line this morning.  Now whether or not I'll keep them once they arrive is another story but a couple of people have told me that if I'm going to be walking around on Caribbean beaches taking pictures then sandals are in order.  Truth be told, I figured if I just took my shoes off and walked barefoot, you wouldn't know where the white sand ended and my legs began!

When I woke up this morning I stayed in bed for a little while debating whether or not to take my laptop with me on my adventure.  Part of me says "take it, you can edit pictures even if you can't go on-line" and the other part of me says "leave it home and forget about it for a week!" For now I've convened a recess so that both parties can prepare further arguments to present to the jury before a final verdict is rendered on the matter!

While watching the weather last night, the weatherman actually said that there was going to be a warm-up later in the week rather than predicting yet another big snow storm. Boy howdy that's welcome news to my ears; I'll be happy with temperatures in the high 30's at this point! Unfortunately, though, he did mention the possibility of a little snow tomorrow as a clipper system came down from Northwest Canada. I've been around long enough to know that those "quick" clipper systems can sometimes drop anchor and dump a lot more snow than was expected so my fingers are crossed this one just passes on by.

If you're looking for something to do this weekend and are at a loss, may I suggest that you go see "The King's Speech" - a most excellent movie. Jamie and I went to go see it last Sunday and it was well worth the cost of admission. Granted, I've always been an admirer of Colin Firth so I may be biased but the rest of the movie was quite well done, too! Even Jamie liked it and she was the youngest one in the theater by quite a stretch!

Oh well, speaking of things to do - I've got them so I'd best go do them. Have a lovely Saturday in your parts of the world no matter what you may find yourself doing ... or not!


  1. It's exciting that the cruise is fast-approaching, Duchess Linda. And you are getting sandals?!? woo hoo to that!

    I love sandals. I can't wait to wear them again.

    Hope you have a fun weekend.

  2. I'm not taking the laptop on the cruise. I'm going cold turkey for the entire week and enjoying every minute of the cruise. I'll blog when I get back home. I think it's going to be liberating.

    Have a terrific weekend and three days off. I'll see you in about two weeks. Hugs. :)

  3. Dick calls me the Flip Flop Queen. Love my Croc flops and live in them and other simple ones in the warm weather.

    Laptop goes everwhere with me when we travel, so I can edit, email, read, play...whatever. I buy the cheep pkg onboard for email--compose offline and only go online long enuf to send/receive. Ship computers are majorly SLOW. For a short cruise, I turn off roaming feature on my phone. Texts are cheeper on the phone than actual phone calls, so the kids know they can text me anything important. Phone calls won't be answered, unless I have birthed the caller:) Change outgoing message if you want folks to know that you are not receiving calls during that week.

    See ya in two weeks! Big hugs, honey...

  4. I take the laptop every time I go on vacation and rarely use it. But I also use the iPhone instead. Sandy has a good point - checking emails, etc. on the phone may cost you mucho dinero.
    I vote yes on the laptop. You don't HAVE to use it, but it might make you feel better that you have it in case of emergency. Kind of like packing extra underwear.

  5. you can go online in st. thomas and san juan on your iPhone! att is free there...

    smiles, bee

  6. Leave the computer at home! Enjoy the cruise...every stinking minute of it!

  7. I wore my Crocs every day on our cruise - they're great for walking on the beach.

    Leave the computer at home and edit the 'millions' of photos I hope you're going to take on your cruise when you get home. :)

  8. You cannot walk barefoot in the sand unless you want you burn the skin off your feet. Just saying. Well, it will only be in the 80's this time of year, so maybe you can. But sandals is a much better choice. I ordered 2 new pairs of Kinos. I live in them, except when the weather is way too cold, when I wear my moccasins.

    Like Sandee, I'm going cold turkey as far as blogging goes. After all, most of my favorite bloggers will be on the same cruise. I'd rather spend time taking photos than editing them while on the cruise so I am NOT bringing my laptop, but am bringing my iPad and iPhone. I'll update Facebook in the free ports.

    I have never owned a pair of crocs. Perhaps I should check them out.

    Big hugs :]

  9. So jealous of your cruise! You should go unplugged. I know I know, as a blogger that is kind of like being naked, but you will be happier for it!


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