Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Stuff

Hey Lady, You Done Playing Zuma Blitz Yet??Hello there!

Yesterday was a complete and total pajama day with neither Jamie nor I bothering to get dressed as we weren't planning on leaving the house at all. Instead we spent the day watching movies like "Despicable Me" (cute!) on Pay-Per-View and "Queen of the Damned" (creepy!) on NetFlix.  Nothing for nothing but if NetFlix is going to offer "instant watch" only as a subscription then they need to greatly EXPAND their instant watch choices.  Their current selection is sadly lacking - seriously sadly lacking.

Last night we had thunder, lightning, lots of rain, and heavy winds for something a little different in our winter weather repertoire.  It was rather a nice change especially considering I didn't have to go out in it.  Today the sun is shining brightly but I'm afraid the forecasters aren't giving us much hope for a good week ahead.  Still, every day inches us closer to the end of winter and spring and that's a good thing!

The parking wars here at home continue with the new people upstairs blocking in the guy over the garage this morning by simply parking directly behind him instead of in the spot they're supposed to.  My car was blocked in, too, but as I'm not planning on leaving until later I wasn't too worried about it.  Unfortunately though, the other guy had to go to work but instead of laying on the offending party's doorbell to get them to move their car, he laid on mine!  Dude, you lived upstairs before you moved to over the garage - surely you know which doorbell is which, don't you??  Considering I had to do essentially the same thing and bang their door down in order to get to work this past Thursday morning when I needed their car moved that these folks would have caught on by now but apparently not.  It's just making a long nasty winter even longer and nastier.

The Drama Llama trotted dead center into Amanda's campus housing the other day and I've been dealing with some long distance problems up there.  It seems that the roommate that I thought she got along with great has made Amanda feel so bad that she couldn't stay in her own room or even in the house; said roommate even piled all of Amanda's stuff on her bed and told her she wanted her out.  I'm pretty sure she can't do that so rather than leave a disjointed mess of a voice-mail message on his phone, I sent a cool, calm, and collected email off to the Director of Residency at Montserrat telling him that I expect this mess to be cleared up ASAP.  In the meantime Amanda spent a couple nights with a friend of hers in Ipswich before moving over to stay with Juli (that would be Juli who is the General Manager of the Hawthorne Hotel) for the remainder of the weekend.  Juli is a friend on Facebook and when she read what was going on via status updates, she very generously offered Amanda a room at her home in Salem and offered to step in as a substitute parental unit if need be due to her close proximity to the college and my being all the way down here in Connecticut.  All I can say about that is WOW.  I mean seriously WOW.  And thank you, thank you, thank you to Juli!  Just goes to prove once again that there are some totally wonderful people in the world and that blogging is a great way to meet them!

As a diversion, I'm going to drag Jamie out to the movies with me this afternoon to catch a matinée showing of "The King's Speech".  I've heard from lots of different people that it's really, really good and even if it wasn't, it's got Colin Firth and I'm always up for watching Mr. Firth ply his trade on the big screen.  I'm not sure if the movie is exactly going to be Jamie's cup of tea but I figure she owes me being that I sat through "Queen of the Damned" with her yesterday! Besides, it gets her out of the house for a bit and that's all that matters!

Oh, and I've started work on an on-line photography portfolio just in case I ever decide to do something a little more serious with my photography. I'm going to be shooting a wrestling match this coming Thursday for a friend at work whose son is one of the Seniors on the team and she's apparently told another parent or two that I'm available to shoot pictures of their sons, too. Our IT guy at work who is also a DJ asked me if he'd like me to mention my services to some of his clients, too, and I said 'sure' so I guess that means I should start getting my act together. It's a work in progress but if you'd like you can check out my portfolio here. They aren't there yet but I will eventually have galleries for lighthouses and covered bridges and such, too!

Anyhow, enough blathering away at the computer! Hope your Sunday is a good one no matter where you are or what you're doing!


  1. Roommate issues are never fun, living with strangers, or even good friends, can definitely bring out the worst in people. Too bad Amanda has to deal with this now (especially so early in the semester). Hopefully she's able to get a new roommate, preferable in a different house.

  2. Juli... WOW! That truly was a wonderful thing to do! YAY, you!

    Linda, I'm so glad you're doing something about your photography! YAY you! And you never know where one thing will lead you! I see you included on of my all time favorites, too. The Swift River in full fall foliage. Magnificent!

    The website looks awesome! Professional and clean. Love it! Best luck for much success, and more importantly, fulfillment and enjoyment. And paying gigs! hahahaha!

    Big hugs :]

  3. that is a great cat photo

  4. I'd fix the rude neighbor but good. Their car wouldn't be able to move. Just saying. What a clod.

    Have a terrific day Linda. See you in three weeks. :)

  5. That's a bright cat picture! As for the car park wars, they are liable to turn very nasty.

  6. Bad roomies and parking lot hogs are just TOO MUCH to deal with, my friend. Bless Juli's heart for helping out at least on the one issue. Sheesh. Some ppl just can't play nice. Good luck with all that.

    Big hugs, honey...real ones soon!

  7. way to go juli! now that's above and beyond and lovely too! sorry about all the problems though.

    see you soon! you can take some photos of sarge and me if you want!

    smiles, bee

  8. Inconsiderate neighbours are a pet hate of mine. Perhaps those of you who are affected by them can get together and go to see them en masse and calmly ask them to be more considerate?

    How awful for Amanda to be a loggerheads with her room mate, it must be so upsetting for her and you. I hope the Director of Residency sorts it out and in the meantime how kind of Juli to try to help Amanda.

  9. What Juli did for Amanda and you is wonderful. Truly.

    It's great to read that you're starting up a photography portfolio, Duchess Linda. : )

  10. Loving the cat photo, hating your neighbors, admiring Julie, and hoping you really, really liked Mr. Firth.

  11. I like Sandee's plan for the rude neighbor. I am sure she knows what she's talking about. :)

    The portfolio looks great. Congratulations on taking the next steps. Believe me, I know its not easy. You'll do great, just remember to have fun, that's what matters most.

  12. good for you on the portfolio. now go write that book i've been talking about.

  13. anything happen on the college front today??

  14. Sorry to hear about Amanda's roommate trouble, but happy to hear that she seems to have a good friend to look out for her. That must be a huge relief for you too.


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