Friday, March 18, 2011

Five on Friday - Dedicated to Mr. Tucker and Travis

Travis, our host for Five on Friday, had the difficult task of helping his friend Mr. Tucker to cross the Rainbow Bridge yesterday which he wrote about here.  Travis didn't write the post to make people cry but to express his love and sadness over the loss of his beloved family member whom he loved very much and who made Travis' life that much better but still, I cried because that's what you do when a fellow human being is feeling pain and loss.

Pets bring so much to our lives and wrap their furry little selves around our hearts which is one of the reasons I resisted getting one for so long. Heck, I cried when Amanda's lizard Evra died and again when Tardis the snake had to be buried so how was I going to handle a four-footed friend eventually passing on as they all do? Well, I don't know how I'm going to handle it but I hopefully have a good long time before Tesla goes anywhere.

Anyhow ... for this week's Five on Friday I picked some songs for Travis that may not make him feel better about Mr. Tucker's passing but if crying helps and he needs to do so then these songs are going to help him do just that. Grief and loss is all a part of living but it's one of the harder parts.

Thoughts and best wishes to you and Pam, Travis, as you deal with the hole that Mr. Tucker has left in your family; may it eventually be filled with happy memories of a life made all the better by having had your friend in it for as long as you did.

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  1. I've had to say goodbye to many pets over the years because one of the first things I did after I got married way back when was to get a Pekingese puppy, followed immediately by a 2nd Pekingese puppy... and so began almost 40 years of having multiple pets. I've never had less than 2 and have had as many as 5, not counting the litters of puppies one set of my Pekes produced, of course.

    Yes, I am nuts. Why do you ask?

    Yes, it is always painful to lose a loved one... but as Garth sings, I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance.

    And I'm still dancin'.

    Big hugs :]

  2. s I told Travis, Celestine and I have had to send a bunch of our babies to the Rainbow bridge as well.

  3. You saw me through when my beloved Rory departed and now the perfect songs for Mr. Tucker, Travis and Pam. Whatever happens, if you want to share love, you have to keep on dancing.

  4. My husband would be appalled that I didn't recognize those songs, but country is his genre, not mine. So, they were new to me. Sweet and touching, especially in your dedicatory context.

  5. Those are definitely great choices. Some of them take on a new meaning than they had before for me. Thanks for your kind words and tribute to Mr Tucker.

  6. Nice tribute to Mr Tucker Linda.


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