Friday, March 25, 2011

Five on Friday - The Inception Version

Been having another one of "those" weeks and didn't get to the blog too much but I didn't want to miss Five on Friday where our host Travis asks us to pick out five favorite pieces of music and then share them with you.  Music is just one of those really important things in my life that I never ever take for granted so it's easy to want to sit down and do a post to do share some of it with you even when the days preceding this post have been busy and hectic and chaotic and ... well, you get the idea!

This week I decided to return to one of my favorite composers that I've featured once before - Hans Zimmer.  Hans is a fantastic musical score writer for many very popular Hollywood movies and one of his projects that I totally loved was the music for Inception.  If you haven't seen Inception it's quite the ride from beginning to end and the music really completes it.  As a matter of fact, Hans was up for an Academy Award for Best Soundtrack but once again got cheesed when the people who decide these things in LA gave the award to somebody else.  Seriously?  What are you people out there thinking?  Hans Zimmer is brilliant and without his music movies like Sherlock Holmes, The Pirates of the Caribbean, Driving Miss Daisy, Backdraft, and The Lion King - just to name a few - would be nowhere near as good as they are. I just don't get those award shows sometimes!

Ah well, be that as it may, I'd like to share five pieces of music from Inception that I was actually able to find on and hope that maybe you'll like them as much as I do.  If not, click on over to Trav's Thoughts and see if you can find five other bits of music that you might like better from the other folks that participate in Five on Friday but I tell ya, you don't know what you're missing with Hans Zimmer!

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  1. I love the music from The Lion King! Brilliant!

    Hope you find a lovely adventure this weekend! Big hugs :]

  2. Anonymous8:26 AM EDT

    I need to see that movie. Maybe I should check redbox next week to see if they have it. is it out on video (dvd) yet?

  3. I actually couldn't watch the movie. It was one of those "This may be genius but I don't care" things. Thanks for the chance to hear the music I missed. Zimmer is wonderful.

  4. Anonymous10:27 AM EDT

    Interesting list. There are some of those movies that I will re-watch just to pay more attention to the score - especially when the score is almost a pivotal character. Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are all new to me.

  6. He is very talented indeed. Nice set of his music.

  7. The words that came to mind while I listened to bits of each song were electric, ethereal, and drastic.

  8. Hans will go home with that Oscar yet! I love his work.


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