Thursday, March 10, 2011

It's Been Awhile ...

As I was relaxing on the couch last night with a book in one hand, cup of tea in the other, and Tesla stretched out next to me doing his best to be cuddly and cute, Jamie looked over at me and said "Wow, Mom, you haven't done a blog post in awhile, have you?"

In response I simply looked at her over the top of my glasses and replied, "Nope" before going back to my fluff 'n stuff Nicholas Sparks romance novel that I had picked up at Union Station in Washington DC while waiting for the train to bring me home Monday night.  I hadn't sat down and read a book in what seemed like years and I was quite enjoying it with no plans to do anything else for the evening. However, in the light of day and with my book finished, I thought I should at least pop in here long enough to clear out the cobwebs and say 'hi' to those of you I don't have contact with on Facebook.  

I arrived safely back in Connecticut early Tuesday morning and was greeted with 26 degree temperatures as I stepped off the train in New London - quite the difference from the temperatures I enjoyed in the Caribbean but I was still happy to be home.  Vacations are nice but there truly is no place like home even if you don't own a pair of ruby slippers!

Having spent 7 days on a ship that I could most definitely tell was moving followed up by 2 days on a train that probably rocked even more, I'm having some trouble with my equilibrium so I'm kind of easing back into things.  Truth be told I've yet to even upload any of the 1,100+ pictures I have on my camera to my computer. That project is on the agenda for this weekend being that we're slated for torrential rains and staying in the house sounds like a good idea. Hopefully around the same time my writing muse returns from vacation, too, otherwise Jamie may be mentioning in another week that it's been awhile since I've done a blog post!  


  1. Hey don't worry about blogging just get yourself back in the swing gradually.

    Looking forward to seeing your holiday photos. :)

  2. We'll wait. Though I am very excited to see your pictures. I have been watching flickr!

  3. My cats want to know if they can borrow your ear buds.

  4. I am really looking forward to your pix! Welcome home... :)

  5. Anonymous7:34 PM EST

    Was tesla turning your pages?

  6. I can't believe you didn't read at all on the cruise. I suppose if there are light fixtures to count, though, a girl can only do so much...

  7. don't know what it is about blogging lately.

    I'm just not very interested in posting.

    And then sitting down to read blogs just seems to take up too much time I'd rather spend doing something else

    I suppose it'll come back sometime soon.


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