Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Long-Awaited Vacation, Part Four

Towel ElephantI thought for this post I'd just share some pictures of various places on the Carnival Glory for you which will come in quite handy if you ever find yourself cruising on this particular ship! I should also preface this post by saying that even though I had a very nice time on my vacation, cruising is just not really my cup of tea at this point in my life. There was a lot that was really nice about cruising including room service and towel animals ... speaking of which, I totally forgot to include this guy in my post the other day and he was one of my favorites ... but, as much as there was to like about cruising I just wasn't as enthusiastic about it as others are which I think is all well, good, and fine as you never know if you like something until you try it. I certainly am not going to say that I would never ever go on a cruise again as I think that perhaps I would but just not any time soon.

Of course, it might have helped were I in the right frame of mind which I wasn't as it was hard to leave some "stuff" at home and being on-board a ship with 3,000+ other people made it even more difficult to get into that right frame of mind.  To that end, I spent a lot of time trying to explore the ship during "off hours" when I knew that a lot of the other passengers were going to still be in their cabins either enjoying room service or sleeping in and that's when I took most of my pictures.  So, even though I'm telling you that there were A LOT of people on the ship, from the pictures that I'm going to post you're probably going to find that hard to believe!  First off, though, let's start with the cabin that Barb and I shared, shall we?

Our cabin was #9201 which is at the fore of the Lido Deck (Deck #9) making it front and center as it overlooks the bow of the ship.  This picture was taken from outside of the cabin on the open deck area that we were supposed to have easy access to but which ended up requiring a trip up to Deck #10 and then back down to Deck #9 to get to.  It was still very nice, though!  I'll show some pictures of it in another post.

The Bow of the Carnival Glory

My bed to the right and Barb's bed and the closets to the left.

Carnival Glory Cabin 9201

The desk/TV/refrigerator/drawer area! 

Cabin 9201

The sink area of the bathroom. 

Cabin 9201 Bathroom

The shower which I absolutely positively loved for two reasons - a) the water pressure was fantastic and b) you didn't have to worry about getting the water temperature right as you dialed it in!  Oh to have one of these at home! 


This is the starboard hallway of the Lido Deck as seen from our cabin if you were walking towards the back of the ship. 

Lido Deck Starboard Hallway

Moving out of the cabin area and out to the public areas of the Lido Deck, the picture below is on the port side of the ship and was normally filled with people eating and drinking.  I believe that this was one of Dick and Sandy's favorite spots if memory serves!

Lido Deck Seating

One of the 24-hour coffee bars on the Lido Deck. I should mention that the coffee was really not all that great from these stations and much better if you got it from Room Service or in the Dining Room. My guess is it's hard to make great tasting coffee in great quantities and from what a friend of mine who cruises on Royal Caribbean tells me, they're got the same problem on their ships, too.

Lido Deck Coffee Bar

Part of the seating area of what was known as the Red Sail Restaurant on the Lido Deck. This is where all of the buffets and other little restaurants like The Deli and the Burrito Bar and such were located, too.

Red Sail Lido Dining

This picture was taken on the port side of the ship as I was facing aft and enjoying a nice quiet breakfast break.

Early Morning at the Red Sail

This was breakfast!


And finally, when Jamie saw this picture she said that it reminded her of a peace sign which I guess it kind of does. I'd be willing to bet that if you needed to have one of these thrown at you, you'd certainly find some peace in grabbing it and hanging on for dear life!

Life Ring

More pictures later as I get them edited!


  1. Hey, that's my iPad... and my iFoot! hahahaha! And
    I would go cruising again right this minute if I could! Even though the coffee is a little bit iCrappy.

    I also LOVED the shower for exactly those reasons. And thanks for letting me know I wasn't ditzy blind and that the cabin steward had reversed the bottles when he refilled the shampoo and body wash. I was feeling a bit like a dufus as I always take care to know which is which before I take off my glasses to hop in the shower. I thought I was losing it!

    Big hugs :]

  2. I loved everything about the cruise. I can't wait to go again.

    We did order coffee via room service every morning. It was really good too.

    The very best part of the whole week was meeting everyone. Being with everyone. Excellent.

    Have a terrific day. Big hug. :)

  3. Anonymous3:23 PM EDT

    If you candy up the coffee it isn't too bad. I think breakfasts were my favorite ship meals. I loved being out there bright and early...

    You guys got really cool towel animals. The ones we always got were "beginner" animals...

  4. i loved that ship and that cruise and y'all!

    smiles, bee

  5. Awesome! I'm sorry I didn't catch it sooner that you'd be going on a cruise. I used to work for CCL. If you plan to cruise again shoot me a message on FB & I'll give you some great insider info. Glad you had a nice time & I can't wait to see more photos.

  6. That looks just like our iBath!

    The very best part of the week was spending time with all our new/old friends. Leisure time, mon. It was all good, except for the time flying by too fast.

    I'm enjoying the photos. Big hugs, honey...

  7. I want to do an Alaskan cruise

    I love that you wandered around when it was quiet, I'd do the same thing

    I went back thru all the posts
    towel animals are my new favorite thing :)
    I think you should make a collage or bood or something out of all the sea foam shots, they're amazing!! like paintings

  8. My stepdad says one of the things that was bothersome about being on a cruise was that he couldn't get off when he wanted to. He's a roamer. He'll take a side road just to see what's over the hill, and not worry that it puts him off schedule to arrive at the next destination.

    He'd prefer not to have a schedule.

  9. Those pictures gave me a good idea of the structure of the ship. Your cabin looked good.

  10. I loved cruising but as you say you don't know if it's for you until you try and it's not everybody's cup of tea. Loved your tour of the ship Linda. Your cabin looked snug.


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