Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Few Moments at Montserrat

Even though it was not the best of days with the weather (what else is new this spring?) I made the drive back up to Beverly yesterday as Amanda's college, the Montserrat College of Art, was holding their annual Open House at which, to quote their website:
"Each year, Montserrat pulls out all the stops and displays student artwork on every available surface. Classrooms, galleries and hallways are bedecked with recently made paintings, prints, photos and drawings; sculptures rise from the floor and hang from ceilings, and videos play from screens and projectors."
Amanda had four pieces of art that were chosen to be displayed by her teachers so it seemed like a good time to take my mother with me so that maybe she could see what exactly her oldest granddaughter had been doing with her advanced education and my former retirement money!  Jamie accompanied us and we arrived at the college around 2:00 or so and took a walk through the artwork that was displayed throughout pretty much the entire building.

Art from the Montserrat Open House

As per usual with art, some of it I got and some of it totally went over my head but I've more or less gotten used to that over the past few years and I fully understand that art is objective to whomever happens to be looking at it.  My Mom, being a traditionalist, probably had even more of it go over her head and I had rather expected that but as I told her, as a freshman the students have to learn a lot of different techniques and styles before they can declare a concentration.  Kind of like freshmen going through all of the trades in a tech school before they choose their field except at Montserrat they're doing it with paints and brushes and charcoal and other mediums.

I really didn't take too many pictures as I'm fighting a nasty chest cold and wasn't exactly feeling up to par but I did take pictures of the pieces that Amanda had on display.  Those of you who have followed Amanda's artwork on this blog aren't going to be at all surprised by the subject matter for two of her pieces:

Gas Mask Still Life #2 in Oil Paint & Charcoal by Amanda
"Gas Mask Still Life #2 in Oil Paint & Charcoal"

Gas Mask Still Life #3 in Oil Paint & Charcoal by Amanda
"Gas Mask Still Life #3 in Oil Paint & Charcoal"

Her 3-D sculpture is made up of gears from clocks that she cut out from wood herself:

Clock Gears Sculpture by Amanda

And my favorite piece that she had in the show was her self-portrait in charcoal as I've got to believe that it's very hard to draw yourself. I mean, heck, I don't even like having my picture taken never mind having to draw it and if I did try to draw myself, it sure the heck wouldn't look like me!

Self Portrait in Charcoal by Amanda

My mother did like the artwork that was from the Illustration Department which is what Amanda hopes to concentrate in but which she couldn't take as a freshman but which, if we can figure out the financing for future years, I'm sure she'd be very good at. That's still up in the air though so it's back to college financing stress for us. Fun.

It's kind of hard to believe that her freshman year is going to be over in just about a month ... where did the time go? ... but in another month I'll be making the trip back up to Beverly to bring Amanda home for the summer - a summer which I hope doesn't have bad written all over it as I have two unemployed teenagers hanging around the house. One can only hope that there really are jobs out there like people keep claiming there are!


  1. Monserrat has a high standard, seeing the other paintings. Amanda lives up to it with her stylish works.

  2. Amanda's self-portrait is great. She has a lot of talent!

    I would have enjoyed checking out all the students' work at the open house.

  3. Amanda definitely has tons of talent. I hope she gets the student loans she needs to continue her education. Knowing what my sister goes through whenever her daughter returns from college... I wish you blessed silence and tons of luck. srsly.

  4. I remain fascinated by Amanda's perspective.

    I'm sure you know this, but be sure to explore every possible avenue for financing from grants to loans.

  5. Great stuff! I love browsing art but I hate going alone!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

    Grrr, Google really annoys me sometimes. I previewed my comment and I KNOW I was already logged in to my Google account, yet it took me to a login page anyway to re-verify that I was logged in. Whatever!!!

  6. Amanda is very talented. I love the self portrait. :)

  7. Anonymous3:52 PM EDT

    I love her self-portrait. It's nice to see her out of her usual groove. And the 3-D piece is fun! I'm glad this place is broadening her horizons.

  8. It's been fun watching her grow by leaps and bounds! The color in the gas mask pieces really does them justice. And the self-portrait is excellent. It really captures her, doesn't it?
    I did one of me right before my surgery...I'll have to send you a copy (wouldn't post it for the world!!!) I should call it "Self-Disrespect!"

  9. Oh, I love the self portrait.

    I wish she could do something artsy of Megan. Maybe I can commission her for that? Instead of the flowery flowers I tried last time. :)
    Hope you are feeling better. And that the sun is shining in your world.

  10. That self portrait is awesome. Glad you and your mom got to go visit.

    Big hugs, honey...

  11. I absolutely love Amanda's work even the things I don't quite "get". She is so talented and creative,

  12. I'm not surprised by her work. I've watched her grow for a very long time now. She just gets better and better and I agree about the self portrait. Mine wouldn't look like me either. She is so very talented.

    I hope you feel better soon. Hugs from cold California. :)

  13. I have always loved Amanda's drawing and painting and now I'm a big fan of her sculpture. That gear thingie is beautiful!!!

    Feel better

  14. Amanda leaves me in awe with her artistic talent, she really does! I wouldn't even know how to start a painting, let alone a self would be a stick figure as that's about the only thing I can draw! lol I always find it such a shame, though, when such talent can't advance due to high costs...fingers crossed that she can find the funding needed!! xoxo

  15. Amanda has such amazing talent, and I am so glad she is getting this experience... which, by the way, has anyone told you lately what an amazing parent you are??? I will hope and pray that she is able to continue with her schooling. If I were independently wealthy, I would jump at the chance to sponsor this opportunity for someone so talented!

  16. Her work just keeps getting better and better. We are so proud of her too.


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