Friday, April 1, 2011

Five on Friday - The Nickelback Version

I'm afraid that Amanda would probably roll her eyes at my choices for this week's Five on Friday being that she is of the opinion that every song that Nickelback does sounds like the last. I suspect that to a certain extent she may be right but I like the boys from Alberta, Canada regardless and have been listening to them since 2001 when the band released their Silver Side Up album which propelled them into the mainstream. The first single that I remember listening to, "How You Remind Me", was a huge success peaking at #1 on both the American and Canadian charts at the same time so obviously I wasn't the only one who liked these guys!  So there, Amanda!

My favorite song of the set is "If Today Were Your Last Day" but I quite like the rest, too, and it was darned hard to pick just five but I wanted to stay within the rules!  Don't forget to pop over to Trav's Thoughts and check out the other FOFers and their choices for this first day of April which is a rainy, snowy, and cold one here in New England - meh.

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  1. I don't know any of these, but then I don't know any of Nickleback's songs. ;)

  2. Cool set,Thanks for sharing Nickleback.

  3. I like it. Great music.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. Big hug. :)

  4. Not a group I've listened to before. They do have a similar sound, but I like the thoughtfulness behind the lyrics.

  5. Pretty much any group is going to sound the same to anyone who's not into their stuff.

    Awesome choice for your set, Linda! Savin Me is my favorite, but I also love Photograph, and as someone who is writing a type of superhero origin story, I have a soft spot for Hero.

  6. I love Nickelback! I find we have similar tastes in tunes. "Save Me," reminds me of my son....

  7. I agree that many of their songs do sound alike. Some would say that's a lack of imagination or talent, while others would say it makes for a cohesive sound that is easy to recognize.

    I like some of their music and haven't found the sameness of the sound to be all that troubling.


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