Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mohegan Park in Pictures - And Few Words!

One of the good things about having to be up early for a meeting on my day off is the fact that once I'm up, I'm up which gave me some extra time to take a drive over to Mohegan Park here in Norwich to take some pictures of things that I never seem to remember to get to while they're there. Translated that means the fountain in the middle of the park when it's not winterized and the Rose Garden when the roses are actually blooming!

Park Enter

  Care to take a short walk with me? Having written about the park in previous posts (like here and here) I won't bore you with details but simply show you what it looks like on a lovely June day! Oh, and just FYI, the gate above is supposed to read "Park Center", the 'C' seems to have gone missing but it works anyway! 

Having only see the fountain wrapped up in a tarp the past few times I've been to the park, I was quite pleasantly surprised to see how pretty it was with the water flowing. Who knew? Well, probably other people who actually go to the park in the spring and summer!

Spaulding Pond in June

The picture above is Spaulding Pond where I used to take the girls swimming way back in the day when they were young and cute.  The swimming area is around the other side and out of sight near the fountain way in the back of the picture.  It's been around so long that my mom used to take me there back when I was young and cute, too.  And no, Moses was not there to part the waters! 

Rose Garden Gazebo

This is the gazebo at the Rose Garden which is located on the other side of Mohegan Park from the fountain.  Lots of weddings take place here and it's rather easy to see why what with 120 different types of roses planted either in memoriam of a loved one or otherwise.  

Rose Trellis

By the time I finally made my way over to the Rose Garden it was practically the middle of the day so the lighting wasn't very good for taking pictures but that's okay, it's close by and I can easily get there another time when it's closer to evening - I just need to double-check the hours so I know when the gates are locked and then remember to get there before all of the beautiful roses go by.  For now, please enjoy the following blooms:

An Orange Rose
Hey Bud!
Roses Going By
Pretty in Pink
The Yellow Rose of Norwich
Pink Blooms and Buds

And there you have it, roses from the Rose of New England and a pretty fountain thrown in for good measure!  Aren't you glad I had that early morning meeting?


  1. oh it's spring at your house!!! i love the roses especially the peace rose! so nice.

    smiles, bee

  2. Love all the fountains. Now you're talking.

    Love your new look too.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  3. Elegant. A beautiful location .

  4. Love that true blue sky! Gorgeous! And the roses are stunning!

    I use to have a rose garden in Florida... About 6 dozen bushes. Sadly, I can never seem to keep them healthy for more than 1-2 years... 3 if I'm uber lucky. I planted 4 bushes here at the Swamp last year, and by "I" I mean I bought them and my Dad planted them. A year later we just have one.

    I went to school with Moses.

    Big hugs xo

  5. I so love roses and yes, I'm sure glad you were up early and could go to the park:-) It reminds me of the Botanical Gardens in Niagara Falls, when the rose season is here, there are dozens of various species of roses in bloom. So very gorgeous!!

    Let me know when you're thinking of coming to Niagara Falls, I'd love to meet up with you!! xoxo

  6. You finally got some spring! And the pictures are beautiful, especially the flowers.

  7. Thanks for the walk. The scenery was gorgeous and the temperature was perfect! ;)


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