Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Hereby Declare ...

... today to be Facepalm Tuesday! 

Not that this picture was taken today mind you - or even this year as Amanda snuck this one in last year when I was shooting Frank & Dawn's wedding but, believe it or not, I just found it today while cleaning out photo files.  The shot just seemed appropriate as it's been one of those days where I have all good intentions of getting things done but those good intentions have been as fleeting as my paycheck after it hits the bank hence the frustrated facepalm maneuver! 

Ah well, I'm going to get my face out of my hand and see if I can salvage what's left of the day even though it's already after 5:00!  Maybe I'll have better luck tomorrow?  


  1. I've had days like that. I'm glad they don't happen often, but I'm sure not glad to see them either.

    Have a terrific day. :)

  2. LOL! Love it! This is not the first facepalm photo of you...


  3. Anonymous6:35 PM EDT

    it can only get better from here...LOL!

  4. Looks a lot like head on table Thursday ... that lovely feeling when all your plans go poof!

  5. We all have days like that Linda. Tomorrow is another day and a better one for you I hope. x

  6. chin up honey, it'll get gooder that good any second now!

    big hugs, bee

  7. I think that is a very cute picture of you actually.
    Was today better?
    I hope so.

  8. A fabulous facepalm, Linda!

  9. Just smile and go on. Big hugs honey...

  10. I like it. I'm trying to catch up on the blog reading I didn't get to do while on vacation. All the while I'm trying to ignore that today is the last day of said vacation and I'll be back to the normal routine tomorrow.

    Notice how I didn't use the 4 letter word that begins with a "W"?

  11. Hope all is better now?!


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