Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to Boston But Not For Baseball!

For the second week in a row on what ended up being an absolutely beautiful August day here in New England, I set out for a trip to Boston yesterday not to see a Red Sox game like last week but this time to take Amanda to the Museum of Fine Arts so that we could catch Chihuly's "Through the Looking Glass" Exhibition before it was all carefully packed up and removed after Saturday's final showing. My friend Juli at the Hawthorne Hotel had highly recommended that we go and even though Amanda will no longer be an art student due to that whole disappointing lack of funding to go back to Montserrat thing, that doesn't mean she still doesn't enjoy a trip to a museum. Add on the fact that one of her friends that lived in the Boston area was going to meet us there and she was all for it.

Not being a big fan of driving in Boston I opted to park in Newton at Woodland Station and we hopped on the 'T' for our ride into the city.  I rather had to laugh as Amanda gave me instructions as to what to do like it was my first time on the Boston subway system.  I think she was just trying to show off her own expertise at getting around in the city but regardless, we found our way to the MFA without incident and pretty soon her friend Kait joined us for the afternoon. As you can see, they were more than happy to pose for the camera and ham it up a little bit in the process!

Due to it being the last few days for the Chihuly Exhibit, it was naturally a bit of a mob scene - but a well-behaved mob of course! - and it was very easy to see why once we entered the gallery at our ticketed time of 3:00 p.m.  To say that it was amazing would truly be an understatement - to say that it was magical would be much closer to the truth.  As I took well over 50 pictures of just the Chihuly Exhibit alone, I'm going to post just a few here but if you'd like to see the rest feel free to click over to my SmugMug page to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts Gallery.  Trust me, I think you'll be glad you did!

Pictures alone do not do this exhibit justice as it's really hard to grasp the enormity and brilliance of the works but it was really great that the MFA allowed visitors to take as many pictures as they'd like provided they didn't use a flash.  Of course there are always one or two people who don't think the rules apply to them ...

Prior to and following our tour of the Chihuly Exhibit, the girls and I explored some more of what is an absolutely gorgeous museum that contains all sorts of wonderful works of art (some of which you can find in the photo gallery link above). I'm pretty sure that we missed a lot of it but what we did see was pretty wonderful.

Claude Monet's "Morning on the Seine near Giverny"
Amanda's favorite artist - Vincent van Gogh's "The Ravine"
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, The Seine at Chatou
One of the Art of Europe Galleries
Part of the Maritime Exhibit in one of the Art of Americas Galleries
Abstract Art - something that I will never ever "get"
Thomas Sully’s masterpiece “The Passage of the Delaware’’
Not exactly art but ... ! 

After posing nicely on the third floor landing overlooking the Shapiro Family Courtyard and Chihuly's Lime Green Icicle Tower that the MFA hopes will become a permanent display, Amanda and Kait decided to get just a little bit silly for future pictures ...

With John Singleton Copley's 1760 painting "Henry Pelham"
Another Copley painting, the 1776 "Paul Revere" 
And once again with whoever this guy is! 
Leaving the museum, Kait posed with a really big baby's head!
Antonio Lopez Garcia's "Day"

After spending several hours walking around the museum everyone was getting hungry so we hopped back on the Green Line and rode down to the Prudential Center to hit up the food court where I was assured by both girls that they had "the best bacon cheese fries" anywhere. Errr ... okay ... sure.  I'd never been to "the Pru" as it's known by the locals and sitting down somewhere to get something to eat sounded darned good to me right about then so why not?  Turns out that the Pru really does have a very good food court and the prices were quite reasonable while the bacon cheese fries were obviously not healthy but quite tasty!

Following dinner we walked around a little bit to work off the bacon cheese fries while Amanda and Kait relived memories from their last time at the Pru for Anime Boston back in April. Reliving memories also involved posing for a few more pictures including this one:

While the girls went to check out Barnes & Noble, I went outside to the South Garden and took a few pictures of the Prudential Tower and the Huntington Building as well as a pretty fountain.  It really was a gorgeous night with a nice breeze, moderate temperatures, and NO humidity - we couldn't have asked for better!

Done with pictures, I sat and did some people watching for awhile - something that Lois would have loved I'm sure as there were all sorts of folks who walked by - and while doing so I couldn't help but think about what it would be like to live in a city like Boston where there was so much available right there at your fingertips - shops, museums, parks, restaurants galore ... Made me wish that I was younger and maybe had the opportunity to do things over again like live in such a place but alas, I'm way too old to be thinking about moving to Boston even though it would be really interesting!

After awhile I got to wondering what on earth had happened to Amanda and Kait so I took a walk in to Barnes & Noble where it appeared that Amanda was having a reunion of some sort.  Turns out that she had spotted two of her friends who in turn called over several of their friends and before you knew it, there was a hug-fest going on in the Arts & Architecture section of the store! Leave it to my kid to be in a big city like Boston and run into friends!

Unfortunately I had to break up the happy reunion as it was starting to get late and we had a bit of a journey to get back home including a 'T' ride back out to Woodland followed by a good 1-1/2 hour ride from there so everyone gave each other a big hug with promises to stay in touch on Tumblr and MSN and whatever other social media service they all use then we went to catch the subway home.

All in all it was a fun day and even though I was totally worn out by the time we got home sometime after 11:00 p.m. it was well worth it for both the chance to see some beautiful art and the chance for Amanda to see some of her friends.

As for making it three weeks in a row, to the best of my knowledge there shall be NO trips to Boston on my next batch of days off but you just never know!


  1. point me to the monet and let me alone. sigh...

    smiles, bee

  2. Having grown up in a Boston suburb, I started taking the bus to the subway into Boston every Saturday with my bestie when I was 9. NINE! We use to love going to the Museum of Fine Art and the Museum of Science... followed immediately by a stop at Filene's basement for whatever the latest 45 that we didn't yet have and the Teen Beat magazine, of course!

    Ah... love Boston!

  3. Amazing art and fantastic photos Linda. As I probably won't get to see the Museum of Fine Art for myself thankyou for sharing your day with me. x

  4. What a wonderful trip! Another great post, especially all the 'special' poses of the girls. Very memorable indeed.

    Big hugs, honey...

  5. I would love to go. Thanks for the beautiful tour.

  6. That certainly is some amazing art that you got to see, wow! The colours are something else, so vibrant and beautiful. I LOVE the pictures with Amanda and her friend posing in the same manner as the paintings! lol They certainly were good sports:-) It's no doubt the trip there was well worth it and now you have me curious about the bacon cheese fries!

    In regards to your previous post, please know that my thoughts and prayers are with your ex's grandmother. What a thing to happen and it's so sad that she has to suffer this way at her age:-( xoxo

  7. What a fun day out that was. Amanda seems to be settling in well in Bosrton with her friends.


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