Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just a Quick 'Howdy!' From Tennessee!

I spent some time yesterday on a self-guided tour of the Tennessee State Capitol Building which is here in Nashville and I must say that the building was absolutely beautiful and the history was fascinating. Did you know that three of our Presidents have come from Tennessee? Yep! Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, and James Polk!

One of them is buried on the grounds of the Capitol and another has the very first equestrian statue ever built in the United States which is pictured here with the Capitol Building as a backdrop. Want to take a guess on the answers? I'll check back later to see how you did!


  1. Guessing the statue is Andrew Jackson. I have much to learn about Polk. Would be Johnson is buried, but would probably lose. :)

    Did you see the Parthenon and Centennial Part? I probably should have looked at your other posts before I asked that.

  2. Anonymous5:35 AM EDT

    y'all are cracking me up with this quasi-Nashville yee-haw talk....LOL!

    I love how the captiol building looks from Bicentennial Park. Makes it look so grand.

    Proud to be from Tennessee (even though I live in Ohio)

  3. Lots of history around those parts. Glad you are enjoying and soaking it all in...and will post more photos/info for your peeps!

    Big hugs, honey...

  4. I stink at History. Can I please have an arts and leisure question? I'm off to the North Shore today... Gloucester and Rockport here I come!

    Have fun! I sure am!

  5. yes that;s bulding was absolutely beautiful.....hehe

  6. Well geez, there you are on another big adventure!! hehe The only thing I know about Tennessee is that Graceland is there! LOL Would love to visit there one day, really need Steve to get his passport so that we can cross the border again. I can't wait to hear the history behind all the places you're discovering in doubt there are very old cemeteries there too? Sigh, makes me wish I was with you:-) xoxo

  7. I wouldn't hasve known that about the presidents. Thanks for the info.


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