Monday, December 19, 2011

Popping in Briefly ...

Wow, I feel like I have been MIA from the Blogosphere lately as any time management skills I may have once possessed have gone the way of the leaves on our trees here in New England! I'm going to chalk my latest bout of disorganization up to not enough hours in the day for me to do all of the things I want to do, especially on those days when I decide to add on a few overtime hours at work.

Ah well, 'tis the season!

It's my hope to catch up with everyone's lives sometime this week in between wrapping a few Christmas presents, baking another pumpkin cheesecake for Christmas Eve dinner at a friend's house, taking both Amanda and Jamie to the eye doctor for new glasses, working yet another overtime shift, and writing the second part of my recent trip to The House of the Seven Gables in Salem, Massachusetts. Part One is currently up and running at The Distracted Wanderer and if you have any time at all in your busy holiday schedules, I'd love it if you could stop by and check it out.

Just to tempt you here's one of the photos from the post though it looks much nicer over there - honest!


  1. I'm sorry... all I heard was cheesecake.


  2. Busy, busy, busy, I hope you find time to relax over the holiday.

    Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas Linda and a Wonderful 2012.

    Love you Christmas banner m'deario. x

  3. I love pumpkin cheesecake. Hubby makes a great one. I rarely eat dessert though. Not because I don't want to either. Sigh.

    Have a terrific day and a very Merry Christmas. :)

  4. cake? mmmmm.....

    smiles, bee

  5. oooh, Pretty house!!!!!

  6. Is there fun in there somewhere? Because there should be fun scheduled amidst all the other stuff.

  7. Cheesecake! Yummy :) Hope you will find time to sit down and relax this xmas. You deserve it, super-busy-lady!

  8. It looks a super house. Happy Christmas, Linda.

  9. My Christmas wish for you, my friend
    Is not a simple one
    For I wish you hope and joy and peace
    Days filled with warmth and sun

    I wish you love and friendship too
    Throughout the coming year
    Lots of laughter and happiness
    To fill your world with cheer

    May you count your blessings, one by one
    And when totaled by the lot
    May you find all you've been given
    To be more than what you sought

    May your journeys be short, your burdens light
    May your spirit never grow old
    May all your clouds have silver linings
    And your rainbows pots of gold

    I wish this all and so much more
    May all your dreams come true
    May you have a Merry Christmas friend
    And a happy New Year, too .. xoxo


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