Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last Wednesday I Was in Boston, This Wednesday I'm Just Reminiscening!

Boston Public Garden in the Evening

Wow, time flies when you're working triple doubles! Hard to believe that it's already been a week since Jamie and I went up to spend the night in Boston and took a very chilly walk around Boston Common and the Boston Public Gardens where I took the picture above of the footbridge over the lagoon.  That scene looks a lot different in the spring/summer when the lagoon becomes the site of Boston's famed Swan Boats that paddle back and forth on the lagoon's water as depicted in the painting below that hangs in Parker's Restaurant at the Omni Parker House where Jamie and I spent one very nice evening last Wednesday.

Painting of Boston Public Garden in the Parker Restaurant

Now that I'm done with work for the week I can work on my post for The Distracted Wanderer about the Parker House which is America's oldest continuously operating hotel and truly just as wonderful as I always thought it would be chock full of history and beauty and maybe even a ghost or two! Some of that history includes future President John Fitzgerald Kennedy proposing to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier right there in Parker's Restaurant at table #40 near the Press Room where friends threw his bachelor party and where he made his first speech when just six years old at a party for his grandfather, former Boston Mayor John "Henry Fitz" Fitzgerald.

To think, I got to dine in the same place as a former President and his wife .. or at least Fiancée! Ah well, no such high-brow antics tonight as I'll be dining here at home but at least it won't be in front of the dispatch console where dinner has been served for the past three nights so I'll take it! And even though there's no Boston Cream Pie either there's still this ...

A Carrot Cupcake

A 14K Carrot Cake Cupcake from Sugar's Bakery & Sweet Shop in East Haven, Connecticut which one of my co-workers brought back for me yesterday.  Who needs pie when you can eat cake?!? 


  1. Oh how I love that first evening picture with all the lights reflecting in the water! Ooooh and a cupcake, too! Yum!
    Enjoy your days off, Lin! :)

  2. who needs pie when you can eat cake indeed! a motto to live by!

    smiles, bee

  3. I love that time of day before nighfully falls and the shadows and light meet. That's such a beautiful photo...

  4. I ♥ Boston.

    And cake.

    And pie.


  5. ummmm. you STILLL haven't eaten that cupcake? Dang, you have some serious willpower...LOL

  6. Time flies doesn't it? I can't believe it's almost two months since I went to Lanzarote! :0

  7. That's a great shot of the Public Gardens! One of the things I did before I left New England was to take a ride in one of those Swan Boats. It was corny but fun. LOL

    That cupcake looks really good.

  8. That cupCAKE looks delicious.

    Isn't it wonderful to eat at home after so many days of meals at your desk...or in your case, in front of your console? Seems like I ate lunch and dinner at my desk so often for the last six weeks. It's so good to be able to come home at a normal hour and relax for dinner.


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