Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Look Back at This Time Last Year

My long-time friend Rhonda and I got together for our monthly luncheon date yesterday and naturally talk of the weather was on the menu.  She's missing winter and wondering where it is whereas I'm not missing it at all and figure that we got gobsmacked so badly with winter last year that we're more than deserving of the break!  Besides, it's only January which leaves plenty of time for Old Man Winter to find his way back from wherever he's wandered off to this year ... rumor has it that would be Texas and Alaska, states that have seen MORE than their fair share of snow this season!

Just as a reminder of what it looked like last year at this time I dug into my photo archives and found some pictures that I took on January 11th whilst on a very cold walk down at my favorite railroad trestle near Indian Leap Falls.  I can still distinctly remember how cold my feet and fingers were so I'm good with this year's less-than-winter-like weather!

Railroad trestle spanning the frozen Yantic River
Lower Yantic Falls, January 2011
Snow on the trestle
Indian Leap during a frozen January in 2011.
Railroad trestle over the Yantic River

Besides, if I really want to see snow that badly, New Hampshire isn't that far and I wouldn't have to worry about arguing with the neighbors over their total lack of parking abilities while enjoying it!


  1. Yep we are having a very mild winter here too. It's sunny and warm in the afternoons. You see flip flops and t-shirts a lot. Enjoy the lack of snow.

    Have a terrific day. :)

    1. We saw a guy in shorts and t-shirt yesterday which was kinda pushing the envelope considering it was still only 40 but in New England in January that's downright balmy!

  2. (So far)The snow has managed to stay away...

  3. But it looks so pretty with all that snow. I'm running out of towels for 8 doggie feet multiple times a day in muddy backyard. Just a little snow and freeze please :)

  4. You know I sure don't miss the snow. Well, the one exception would be on Christmas Eve. Then I'm totally done with winter and snow and ice and cold.

  5. A cold front is moving toward WPB, but no snow in the forecast:) I'll settle for photos of that white stuff any day. Great ones!

    Big hugs, honey...

  6. Anonymous8:55 AM EST

    I'm a refugee from the frozen east, nicely resettled here on the balmy West Coast, where my rhododendron blooms are already open and my tulips are pushing their fresh green noses up out of the dirt. Yes, yes, yes, it rains A LOT here all winter but as we like to say: "At least you don't have to shovel it!"

    Carolyn Thomas

  7. It's been very mild here so far too Linda, though the forecast is for it to be colder from today. As I don't like snow I'm hoping it stays like this. :)

  8. Still LOVE your photos. I close on my house with Kathy on Friday! It is SO cool and big. It only required 3 1/2 down & the interest is 3.75. I think I'm dreaming!!

  9. Anonymous9:57 PM EST

    I'm definitely not missing the snow, though, you have to admit that it's quite pretty to look at!

  10. Gobsmacked! I love it!! Great word, Linda

    I'm not missing the snow. But it is pretty to photograph, that's for sure. Love the perspective in the trestle shot that stretches out into the horizon.

  11. We could see some snow overnight, or Sunday, or perhaps Monday. It's getting cold enough and it has started to rain as I type this.

    We'll see.


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