Friday, February 24, 2012

Five on Friday - The February 2003 Version

Nine years ago today my father lost his battle with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma but rather than dwell on that sad day, I thought I'd simply use February 2003 as a jumping-off point for this week's Five on Friday  meme presented and hosted by our man with the most over on the West Coast - Travis. Granted, I'm pretty sure there are only two songs in this batch that my Dad would have ever listened to but two is better than none and I book-ended the five with the ones he would have listened to.

So what events transpired in February - a month that is not high on my list of favorites - to inspire my musical choices?

February 3 – Police respond to a 911 phone call from one of Phil Spector's neighbors and discover the body of actress Lana Clarkson, with a gunshot wound, at Spector's his home in Alhambra, California. Spector is arrested on suspicion of murder." Written by Barry Mann, Phil Spector and Cynthia Weil, "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" is one of the foremost examples of Spector's "Wall of Sound" technique - a music production technique for pop and rock music recordings.

February 8 – Avril Lavigne scores her third #1 single "I'm with You", making her the second artist in history to have three consecutive #1 songs from a début album in the Billboard Mainstream Top 40.

February 20 – Fire engulfs a Rhode Island nightclub during a fireworks display which was part of the performance by rock band Great White. The fire quickly spread across the ceiling, filling the building with thick, black smoke, killing 100 people and injuring 160 others as audience members rush for the exits. Many people are missing for some time, including Great White guitarist Ty Longley, who is later confirmed to be dead.

February 23: "Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones went on to win three Grammy Awards in 2003 for "Record of the Year", "Song of the Year", and "Best Female Pop Vocal Performance". It remains Jones's biggest hit single in the USA to date, and her only one to reach the Top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100.

February 23: The Grammy Award for Best Male Country Vocal Performance was awarded to Johnny Cash for "Give My Love to Rose", a song Cash had originally recorded in the late 1950s.

Continue to rest in peace, Dad, and look out for the new additions that have joined you in heaven lately; they might need some help getting settled.


  1. Big hugs, my friend. He is in very good company.

    I am grateful that I do not remember dates of deaths... except for my paternal grandmother as she died sometime between Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. Hard not to remember that date.

    I have some Norah Jones. Pretty voice, but she's one that I definitely need to be in the mood for.

  2. Hugs... lets look forward to a terrific March. It's gotta be good!

  3. Oh my! February is not a good month for you at all. Or for a few other people from your archives...
    Have a great weekend! Traveling or working? ;)

  4. Think positive--March will be mahvelous! Sending you big hugs, honey...

  5. Here's a Big Time Hug.August and Sept are not good months for me. My Dad was 58 when he went home to God in 1984 My Mom went home in Sept 2003 she was At least they are in great company.I made this statement when she passed away.Dad came for her and said "Hey Sam(her nickname)time to go i know a great place to dancing they have a fantanstic band.

  6. Anonymous12:54 PM EST

    I've lost a lot of people between the months of July and November...but I try not to hold it against those months. In fact, my wedding day falls on the day after the anniversary of my Mommom's death. New, happy memories.

    I like your selection (well, never did care for Avril Lavigne).

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your father. I'm hoping that March will be a fabulous month for you.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. :)

  8. I'm so sorry about your dad. I lost my father several years ago as well. I like your theme, and you picked a nice set. I especially like the Norah Jones song.

  9. Beautiful choices as a tribute and a new occurrence of tandem brain.

  10. I can see why February would not be a favourite month of yours. My dad died in January so needless to say, that month is not a favourite of mine!! Great selection of songs having February in common...Johnny Cash was always mom's favourite:) xoxo

  11. I like your selections this week. I hope your sadness soon passes in favor of fond memories of those lost.

  12. Hats off to your dad, and I enjoyed this set inspired by him. Especially the Norah Jones one.


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