Friday, February 3, 2012

Five on Friday - The "Inspired by Jamie's Blog" Version

I had originally gone in a different direction completely for this week's version of Travis' musical meme - Five on Friday - but after reading and listening to my blog buddy Jamie's Coming of Age Edition on her blog I decided to save the post I wrote previously for another week and follow her lead instead.

Jamie chose her own five songs this week based on the fact that she "... was listening on the radio the other day to one of those pop psychologists who put forth the idea that the music we all come back to, identify as our "favorite songs", and have the most memories connected to are whatever is popular when we are between 13 and 16. This is when we start buying most of our own music, differentiating our tastes from our parents and start associating at a high level with our peers."

That got me to wondering what was popular with me during those years and what music had a big impact on me so I looked back to the years 1971 to 1974 when I was age 13 to 16 and the songs that jumped out at me as being quite memorable during that time made me realize that I was really quite emo before emo was even invented! Either that or I was psychic and knew even way back then that love was going to be one of those thorn-in-the-side themes for me throughout my life!

So here ya go, four rather angsty songs from the years 1971 to 1974 and - because this is Five on Friday and not Four on Friday - a bonus tune from 1975 that might have just summed the whole thing up for me! So how about you? Anything from that age in your life that jumps out at you?

1971 - 

1972 - 

1973 - 

1974 - 

1975 - 


  1. My musical preferences are so wide and varied, but from my teen-age years comes my all-time favorite, Unchained Melody. I googled it... It was recorded by The Righteous Brothers in 1965, when I was but an 11 year old girl. I also happen to love it by many other recording artists. According to Wipipedia, it was actually written in 1936!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!

  2. Great tune choices. I was just telling hubby how Steely Dan's sound was just so unique

  3. In those years, I was hanging out with a crowd that was about 2-3 years older then me. Depeche Mode and The Cure were very popular in "our group". Still love them!

  4. In those years = when I was 13-16 years old forming my music taste :)

  5. I don't think I had time to listen to music in 1971 - that's when my first son was born! LOL

  6. ahhhhhhhh 'At Seventeen' - my mantra at the time

    on the TV show Criminal Minds they figured out who the serial killer was based on the music he played at the crime scenes
    amazing stuff, the psychology of music

  7. I can certainly see the influence that the songs from when I was that age (early 80s) have had on my 5 on Friday selections over the last several weeks. I think at least one has made an appearance each time. :)

    1. P.S. And I love your selections. Haven't heard that Carpenters song in many years.

  8. I love that you picked Superstar. We did this one a while back when discussing groupies and of course the original Bonnie and Delaney recording was called "The Groupie Song" . Of your other songs, they were more my son and daughter's era, but I got to listen to them .... A LOT

  9. what a cool set!!thanks for sharing it.i have not heard At 17 in ages!!!!

  10. Anonymous10:15 PM EST

    Most of the music that I listen to the most were definitely introduced to me during that period of time when I was a teenager. Silverchair's first album was released when I was 13 and they have been my go to band ever sense.

  11. Loved your set, as well as the story behind the prompt for your choices this week. As for emo - emo was around before people called it emo, as is obvious from your set - LOL! The Steely Dan tune is definitely my favorite.

  12. I like all of those songs. In fact, my favorite song is actually from 1971...but I was only 7 then and not yet buying my own music. I knew what I liked though.

    I'm going to make a note to check out the songs from 1977-1980, when I was 13-16. I suspect that psychologist might be wrong for me though.


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