Sunday, February 19, 2012

"I Always Thought I'd See You Again" ~ James Taylor

I went to bed last night feeling somewhat sad with this song winding its way through my head as even though I went to California believing that it was going to be my last trip there, after visiting with Cyndi and seeing the improvements that she had made in being able to speak again and her positive attitude of getting better and getting home even with the ventilator in tow, I thought there might actually be time to see her again before the ALS got even worse. When I left I told her that I would be back if I could and heck, I even went ahead and bought another plane ticket for April as the price was too good to pass up and I thought for sure she'd still be around then.

The universe apparently had other plans though and never being very good at gambling, buying that plane ticket was one that I took and lost and I'm now in possession of a ticket that I really don't want to use as going back to California this soon would probably be a bit too painful.  So, I'll hang on to it and try to find something to do with it during the next year before the credit expires but if I don't, well, that's okay I guess and I'll just chalk it up to the faith that I had that Cyndi would still be there.

After all, you've got to have faith, right?


  1. Yes you've got to have faith. I'm so very sorry Linda. :(

  2. Yes, I agree; we must have faith. You're a wonderful friend, Linda, and we are all blessed to know you.

  3. i understand, i swear sarge and i both thought he had a few more months, he was doing stuff just a few days before! i still can't believe it.

    hugs, bee

  4. Faith is a wonderful thing. Part of love. Part of life. I'magine how dark it would be without faith.

  5. you are such a good soul Linda
    I'm so sorry
    I read through the last few posts
    bless Cyndi, what an amazing spirit she had
    a spirit that remains alive in memories

    I hope when things look brighter that you'll decide you need and deserve a trip somewhere


  6. Anonymous10:49 PM EST

    If you don't have faith, you don't have would make even getting out of bed fruitless.

  7. Faith & hope... Otherwise we would be just miserable human beings.
    Hugs from Ohio,

  8. Of course faith and hope are essential in life. You'll find a use for the credit I'm sure. x

  9. James Taylor is awesome...and you have been an awesome friend to Cyndi. So sorry, honey. Really sorry. Sending you warm hugs from down the road...


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