Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Tale of Exceptional Customer Service

Sometime back in early 2010 - don't ask me exactly when because I'm terrible with dates these days! - I bought a fancy-dancy Keurig coffee brewer after having had the chance to try one at work being that we have one in the Dispatch Center which gets extensive use.  I figured it would be the perfect thing to have at home being that when Amanda or I would brew a pot of coffee most of it got tossed as neither one of us seemed to finish the pot and with a Keurig you get one fresh-brewed cup at a time.  I'll admit the brewer wasn't inexpensive but once we got it we loved it - as apparently did Tesla as next to it is often his favorite place to perch!

Tesla and the Old Keurig

Fast forward to the past few weeks or so when my fancy-dancy Keurig machine started having some issues.  Most of the time it was taking forever to brew a cup of coffee which could only be accomplished following a lot of finagling and coaxing.  I decided it was probably due for a good cleaning so last weekend I bought some white vinegar, followed the instructions for descaling the brewer, and last Sunday it worked like a champ again.  Yay!

Unfortunately that 'yay!' didn't last for long as when I attempted to brew a cuppa joe this past Wednesday it just wasn't happening.  I'd get the indicator telling me that it was "brewing" but no water was coming through the K-cup and no matter what I did to cajole it, it just wasn't happening.  Caffeine-deprived and cranky I posted the following status update on Facebook:
It appears that my beloved Keurig Machine has officially bit the dust in spite of my repeated efforts to resuscitate it. I find this to be most distressing. Most distressing indeed.
Several friends responded that I should contact the folks who manufacture the Keurig machines as they themselves had either had problems with one or knew someone who had problems with one and after contacting Keurig, they were sent replacement machines. Knowing that mine was out of warranty by close to a year I wasn't positive that I'd be so lucky but I figured it couldn't hurt to try so I picked up the phone and called the contact number for Customer Service listed on their website.

Within moments I was talking to a very nice gentleman who told me to gather up a flashlight, a measuring cup, and a paperclip so that we could try some troubleshooting techniques.  Alas, upon completion of following his instructions my beloved machine still wasn't working but the nice gentleman with the soft Southern twang on the phone said not to worry, that they'd send me out a brand spanking new machine free of charge including the shipping and handling.  All I needed to do on my end was to return the K-cup holder to the company.  Really?  Even out of warranty?  Cool coffee beans!

All of that transpired late Wednesday evening and early Friday morning look what arrived on my doorstep via FedEx -

Behold the new Keurig!

Tada! Behold my new Keurig machine!

I must say that I am most impressed with Keurig's Customer Service and with their willingness to replace a brewer that was out of warranty but had obviously broken down to the point of no return.  I find a company who stands behind their product to be a rare exception these days and I can't say enough good things about Keurig at this point - you people rock and roll and am most grateful for my new machine which brews a mighty fine cup of coffee - mighty fine indeed!

Speaking of which, I'm going to go brew another one now!


  1. I love it when that happens! Both of my sister Lynda's sons had issues with theirs and they both brought them back to Kohls... and Kohls gave them a new one. Well out of Warranty. Makes me ♥ Kohls all the more, too.

    Cool coffee beans!

  2. Good customer service is worth its weight in gold. Now they have you for a customer forever. Excellent.

    Have a terrific day and enjoy that cup of coffee. :)

  3. Anonymous12:45 PM EST

    Humm. Makes me want to buy one for my classroom. We have one in the teachers lounge, but it is not always convenient. Tesla looks cute as always in your pix.

  4. Shawn & Wendy had given me the Bosch Tassimo machine two Christmases ago and just last week I found out that there was a recall on some of them. I checked the product code and sure enough mine is one being recalled. I was able to fill out the form online and in a couple of weeks I'll be receiving my new machine:-) I've heard only good things about Keurig as well and it's great that their customer service is wonderful on top of that! Not too many companies will do anything once the warranty is expired. Now I'm thirsty for a Latte:-) xoxo

  5. i'm on my second one two but didn't know about calling them. i sure will next time! love the keurig.

    smiles, bee

  6. Anonymous8:46 PM EST

    Would want to have a coffee machine like that! And your cat and your header is cute too!

  7. Anonymous9:08 AM EST

    I've heard a couple of stories like this. Good to know that if mine breaks down I'll have some good support.

  8. It makes a great cup of coffee and the company is excellent in the customer service department. Makes me even more certain that Pam and I made a solid purchase when we bought ours a few months ago.

  9. So nice to hear that there are still great companies and people out there. Enjoy your new baby :)

  10. WOW now that is good service!

  11. I do love my coffee! I have considered buying one of these but have heard too many stories about how they don't seem to last very long. I'm glad they will replace them if (when?) they stop working, but...

    I think I will stick with my no-frills French press for now. I may be tempted later. Yours sure looks pretty. :)


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