Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yesterday's Distracted Wanderings

A Thread City Crossing Frog in Willimantic

I hopped in the car and took a drive over to the Town of Windham yesterday - home of four giant frogs that sit on spools ...

The bus stop on Main Street in Willimantic

... and stood at the spot where I climbed on a bus to head off to Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base almost 36 years ago ...

The Savings Institute clock on Main Street in Willimantic

... which is on Main Street in Willimantic and just down the road from this very
colorful clock ... 

A Cupcake For Later entrance

... which is across the street from this awesome new cupcakery where I wandered in to meet the owners and bring home some cupcakey goodness.
You can read all about the sweet new business at Wandering Over to Windham In Search of "A Cupcake For Later" on Main Street. 
Good thing they weren't there back in 1976, I might have been late getting on that bus! 


  1. pretty town
    a trip back in time :)
    36 years ago!!
    wow, you left when you were just an infant!?
    that's patriotic

    love the frog

    Hope sends Easter hugs
    me too

  2. interesting that you stood on the same spot and remembered it exactly. and a whole store of just cupcakes? mmmmm, be still my heart!

    smiles, bee

  3. I submit that the name of that establishment is incomplete. I say it should be A CupCAKE For Later (Although We Know You're Going To Eat It As Soon As You Get In The Car).

    And thank you as always for your service!

  4. What a fun day. Especially the cupcake place.

    Have a terrific day and a very happy Easter. :)

  5. Oh my! How I want those cupcakes :) Had a slice of apple strudel today. So yummy! Back on diet now :)


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