Friday, May 18, 2012

Five on Friday - The ABBA Version

I've been kind of sporadic in not just blogging lately but also in remembering to play along with Travis' Five on Friday  meme but having gotten stuck in a continuous loop of old ABBA songs last night while taking care of some other things I decided I just had to share my ear-worm with everyone else this week!  I started out listening to some vintage Donna Summer in tribute to her passing and somehow ended up reliving some of my 70s days and listening to my favorite Swedish singing group!

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Now that I've hopefully got you singing along with "Mama Mia" and "SOS", Jamie and I are off to Vermont to spend a fun work-filled weekend at the Inn Victoria and I'm quite looking forward to seeing everyone from last year, cleaning a couple of chandeliers, and eating lobster among other things! That might not be some folks' idea of a great weekend but that's because they've never gone to Chester, Vermont and met Dan & Penny & Jess or stayed at their beautiful inn otherwise it would be!

Everyone have a great weekend no matter what it may find you doing!


  1. Great singalong driving music. Have a great time polishing the cut glass.

  2. I love Abba! Have a great trip.

  3. Any day is a good day for ABBA. Have a little fun with your work!

  4. Where is 'Dancing Queen'? That is mandatory!

  5. ABBA is a very good choice.

    We've been in Indiana for the last week visiting family. We got home today, and Little Bit was very happy about that. So were we.

    Have a terrific day. :)


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